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Sep 7, 2006
What does a parrot mean to you!!

P Patience
A Acceptance
R Respect
R Realisation
O Observation
T Trust

We need to practice patience to understand with love their needs.
We have to accept that they are what they are, which is why we love them.
We must respect their right to express their individuality and respect their needs.
We have to realise that they are a wild creature and as such their view of our world differs.
We must observe their interaction with our enforced environment, and sympathetically respond.
We are obliged to work to gain their trust, so that we may enjoy theirs.
No truer words were spoken.Philosephy that we should all follow.We hold nature in our hands but forget we do sometimes.:) :)
Thanx for that Peta, i think im gonna print it out that all that comes to visit can fully understand in a nice quick way what parrots are and what they need!
They are not just a pretty face or nice exotic animal, its care and understanding their needs that must be the nr 1 priority!

Thanx for that, truly a good way of putting a PARROT in words!!!;)

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