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Sep 24, 2015
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Got back Pickles' DNA test and found out she is really a he. Could explain a lot, like some of his behavior toward our male cockatiel. Doesn't really make a difference, but is fun to know. Today is his 4th Hatch Day! I just wish he would be nice to my oldest daughtee (she is 20 and has become terrified of him. He doesn't like my husband either, but adores me and my other daughter and son. I try to get them to just sit near him to talk for now and let him get used to them but his manner when they approach scares them. I know their leaving only reinforces the behavior but they don't seem to care, only to get away from the beak. Also, am considering getting a new cage, a bigger one. He is only in it when I am not home (stay at home mom), but need to know how to introduce it.

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Oct 27, 2013
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If your daughter and husband really want to take the time to build a bond with Pickles, the suggestions you mentioned are good ones, take a patient approach and you should see at least some progress. Here's a link that may have some helpful tips.


A good way to introduce a new cage is to set it up close to the old cage, add some perches, food dishes and toys, leave both cages open and give Pickles a chance to explore the cage before taking away his familiar one. If he's reluctant, let him watch you put a favorite treat in the food cup, most birds are pretty curious about new cages and will explore, then make themselves at home. He may prefer to sleep in his familiar cage the first few nights but it shouldn't take long for him to notice the new cage is bigger and better.

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