Please help, i think my bird is sick.


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Sep 16, 2018
I had noticed today that my one parrot started sleeping directly while it played, her behavior was normal but she just got tired from nowhere, i have so much panic i dont want her to die ... she is now sleeping in her cage under her blanket.
the most important thing with your birds is diet. less fatty foods as in nuts and sunflower seeds. use those for treats. Plenty of fruit & vegi vegis Lentils an carrot for vitamin A as well as pellets this will give them alot of the vitamins and nutrients they need. your bird is more than likely fine. if they fall off their perch bleeding etc is when you should be concerned. thats when you definitely take them to a aviary vet. right away. FIND ONE IN ADVANCE AN EVEN A BACKUP and take them in for a visit even if they are fine just so they can do labs and see how they normally act etc.

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