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Please help new scared Quaker


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Nov 20, 2015
I got a blue Quaker 3 days ago and I left it alone first day, second day if I approached cage it growls now it's growling even when I'm on other side of room,

Last night I opened cage doors as the cage he came in is way to small so not only do I want him to come out to socialise outside the cage but I have got him a much more appropriate sized cage with toys, the cage he was sold in is the size of a budgie on its own sized, he had no toys and I don't think he's ever been outside of it! They said he was 5 months but I have no idea honestly I felt sorry for him that's why I got him but if he's growling and aggressive towards me and refuses to come out I'm not sure how I can help become a part of our family? Any suggestions would be appreciated! I've tried apples too but he just leaves them
Hello, Welcome to the forums and Congratulations! Quakers are amazing.

In general, Quakers are a bit slower to accept change than other species, it takes time for them to get comfortable in a new home. Talk to him/her from a safe distance so s/he gets accustomed to your voice. Quakers growl when they are extremely frightened by something. Check the cage location, is it close to a window, T.V., doorway? Do you have other pets or family members that your Quaker reacts strongly to?

I would set the new cage up next to the small one and put a short perch beside each of the open doors, that way the bird can explore the new cage when s/he's feeling brave and curious. Fill the food and water dishes in the new cage and let your Quaker see you do it, then give the bird enough space to explore without feeling threatened. I would continue to offer the diet your Quaker is most familiar with while routinely offering fresh foods and pellets of your choice.

Don't expect too much at first, sometimes it takes weeks or even months for a new bird to develop trust in a new owner. If your bird is really only five months old it shouldn't take nearly as long.

Here's a link you may find helpful.


Best of luck to you and your new Quaker, please share the progress.
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Thank you! I know it's only 3 days but I don't want to do anything wrong to make him worse, I just feel so sorry for him.. And I'm sure I'll be on here loads getting advice and asking questions! One more thing when doing his cage or going near it open should I wear gloves? Or is it like dogs when they won't learn not to bite hands only gloves? I'm just worried with how he is at the moment chunks will be taken lol
We just had this the other day. Read this:


Sometimes they will bite the gloves.

My advice is always get two small towels. Wrap them around your forearm. Wrap an ace bandage around that to keep them in place. Cover that with a thick long sleeved shirt. Use a closed bent fist so that the skin is tight and there is nothing to latch onto. Offer your arm, which is protected by the towel.

If he tries to bite he gets a beak full of towel. Then you get his beak with two fingers, and give the no biting command.
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Just thought I'd let you know tonight when talking to him he dive down to cage growling however seem to quiet down and try mimic me when I speak in a silly squeeky voice, I read online prior not to do this just speak to them normal but he seems to calm down and atleast stops growling! Improvement at the very least :)
Welcome to you, I am glad your baby is starting to come along! I'll tell you with my Joe Joe, I am a complete idiot if anybody else was listening to me talk to her! Every goofy sound she makes, I mimic and she does the same thing back with me.
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Haha! I did feel silly but if that's what calms him down silly I shall feel! I grew up with a African grey which my dad got when my mum was pregnant so I grew up with him, and apart from the screeches every so often he was good as gold, still is! I obviously wasn't old enough to remember the hard work they had to do to get him that way and he was hand reared so he wasn't so bad, I went round a friends house last week and they were talking about this bird, how cruel the people were never letting him out ect so I asked them to ask if they would sell and they quickly said yes, so I bought him on impulse and with the idea he'd be just like my parents parrot, plus throw in I have a 3 yr old and 2 yr old and 13 weeks pregnant however I don't regret getting him at all he's beautiful and I know with time he will get used to us, I just wished he could sense we all love him and got him to make his life better lol I'm sure I've got a long road a head but hey we have 20 years to get aquatinted and build his trust :)

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