1. psitticine

    VOC-free paint

    Has anyone here painted a room while having a bird in the house? I found this paint online that looks promising. I’m wondering if anyone here has used it. If I need to move my Quaker out of the house for a week I’ll do that but just weighing my options...
  2. L

    TELL ME…. Am I using SAFE materials products hooks and toys for my quaker?

    Can someone look over Lumi’s cage and areas and see if I should be removing anything and please give a detail why. For example: impaction in crop, choking, too big, too small, needs supervision, dangerous material, may cause cut or strangulation etc. Thanks! Lumi is 10 months now. She loves to...
  3. crowboy

    Affectionate Bird Suggestions??

    Bonjour, à tous! I'm looking into potentially getting myself a parrot some time in the coming year and was looking for some recommendations. I'd really like to have a very affectionate and cuddly bird that is not too big, but not too small. Noise doesn't bother me too much so long as it's not...
  4. psitticine

    Quaker Mode

    Hi everybody! This is my first post :) I have a four month old Quaker named Rainy. I think s(he) is a female. She's a crossover breed, and the breeder told me they usually end up being female. I'm in the early stages of taming/training, and have never had a quaker before. I knew she would be a...
  5. Q

    Quaker parrots onion poisoning?

    Hi all, I have 2 male quaker parrots (1yo & 3yo). They have been eating a new frozen vegetable mix for the past 2-3 days. I only just noticed that the mix contains onion pieces. They have been leaving behind these pieces (thought they were cauliflower scraps or something before) in their bowl...
  6. S

    Help! Beak cracks? & spots

    I rescued a Quaker a few weeks ago. The crack on the side of his beak got longer . The white spot bigger. He gets into a bird bath and cleans himself but the spot comes back as he drys. Anyone knows what this is??? He eats fine, drinks fine.. bathes daily. Plays normal.
  7. S

    How to deal with sudden jealousy in Quaker Parrot?

    My partner and I have had our Quaker parrot Milo for 8 months, and he has just turned two. We decided to get a rehomed green cheek conure and bring her home to meet him. His attitude has completely changed towards me though, he has become jealous and aggressive. He doesn't seem to want to let...
  8. S

    Aggression in Quaker when attempting to introduce Green Cheek Conure into Home

    My partner and I have had our Quaker parrot Milo for around 8 months now. He was a rehome from a pet store at around 18 months old when we got him, after being surrendered to the pet store. We have recently purchased a green cheek conure at 1 years old. Milo was already reasonably calm and...
  9. TikiTheConure

    New Quaker Parrot. Introduction and Care

    Hi guys. So I currently have a Conure, I adopted him 2 months ago. We have become very close in a short amount of time. I work from home so I'm always with him when he's not asleep. He won't have it any other way lol... he screams if I leave the room for a minute. He used to have a buddy so I...
  10. JulietRose

    Perch brands?

    I’m getting a Quaker parrot soon (I was going to get an Alexandrine, but I decided against it) and I’ve been having a hard time finding natural branch perches big enough. Does anyone know a good brand of perches (to big is better than to small) that is affordable? :)
  11. A

    Major issues with quaker

    I have a one year old grey quaker. He was perfectly fine except the breeder sold him to me with chamydia.. which was medicated. I moved back in April and the movers were delayed so he was stuck in a small cage til they arrived and he started barbing his feathers. Now it’s plucking. He plucked...
  12. C

    Help... My quakers scream nonstop... TAT

    Hello everyone! I am so frustrated and decided to seek help here coz I don't know what to do...:cry: I have a green quaker and he is 1.5 yr old. I work full-time so I was worried that my green quaker would get lonely when I'm out for work, so I bought a companion quaker for him a month ago. The...
  13. sundae

    Mate for quaker parrot

    Hi! It's my first quaker, so I just want to be sure. I got a male quaker (3 yo) some time ago and we're well bonded now. He is a rescue who sat in a cage alone for 2 years straight in his breeders house. He doesn't even consider other bird species and doesn't want have anything to do with...
  14. C

    Crooked wing, is this normal?

    I adopted a 10 year old Quaker 3 days ago and I noticed that one of her wings looks a bit crooked. Her previous owner mentioned that she used to clip her wings but hasn’t done it for a while now. I wanted to see if this is normal or not. She only tried to fly once so far. I think she is still...
  15. sundae


    I have a problem with my newest parrot- a quaker. He is a 2yo male. He likes to hang out with people, will sing, and fly to you to check out what are you doing. The thing is- whenever there's a piece of skin in his reach, he will start preening and then biting really hard out of nowhere. He...
  16. HeatherG

    Quaker Parakeet ‘punishment bites’

    Yesterday, Willow Quaker didn’t want to come out, so I left his cage open and got Jasper out. I was petting Jasper and talking to him and guess who came tearing out of his cage? So I stepped Willow up and and put him on my shoulder, petted Jasper a bit more, and put Jasper back in his house...
  17. HeatherG

    Random Quaker Parakeet Fears—“chicken” bird

    Today I brought Willow (Quaker) into my room for some petting and bird time while I read. He wouldn’t settle down and kept stretching out like a very tall skinny bowling pin. I asked him what was wrong but he kept flipping his wings and not perching quietly. Can’t recall if he was squawking...
  18. HeatherG

    Looking for Quaker NestCam

    I’m sure you have seen falcon cams or eagle cams online. Well, I’m wondering if there’s a Quaker Parakeet nest cam out there somewhere. Something that might show babies being raised inside the big apartment nest. It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to wire an existing nest with a wireless...
  19. sundae

    Obsessive preening

    My quaker parrot which I have had for about 3 weeks now, is obsessed with preening me. I'm not even joking. Once he got comfortable with me, it started with hands- he plucked out dead skin and sometimes even hair. Sometime later he moved to my face and today he insisted on licking my teeth...
  20. sundae

    Quaker parrot not drinking

    I got my 2 year old quaker parrot about 4 days ago. He acts like he has lived here for a long time- he's not afraid of hands (or human presence in general), takes treats out of the hand, does not attempt to escape when outside the cage and even comes to check out what is someone doing when...