1. A

    Major issues with quaker

    I have a one year old grey quaker. He was perfectly fine except the breeder sold him to me with chamydia.. which was medicated. I moved back in April and the movers were delayed so he was stuck in a small cage til they arrived and he started barbing his feathers. Now it’s plucking. He plucked...
  2. C

    Help... My quakers scream nonstop... TAT

    Hello everyone! I am so frustrated and decided to seek help here coz I don't know what to do...:cry: I have a green quaker and he is 1.5 yr old. I work full-time so I was worried that my green quaker would get lonely when I'm out for work, so I bought a companion quaker for him a month ago. The...
  3. sundae

    Mate for quaker parrot

    Hi! It's my first quaker, so I just want to be sure. I got a male quaker (3 yo) some time ago and we're well bonded now. He is a rescue who sat in a cage alone for 2 years straight in his breeders house. He doesn't even consider other bird species and doesn't want have anything to do with...
  4. C

    Crooked wing, is this normal?

    I adopted a 10 year old Quaker 3 days ago and I noticed that one of her wings looks a bit crooked. Her previous owner mentioned that she used to clip her wings but hasn’t done it for a while now. I wanted to see if this is normal or not. She only tried to fly once so far. I think she is still...
  5. sundae


    I have a problem with my newest parrot- a quaker. He is a 2yo male. He likes to hang out with people, will sing, and fly to you to check out what are you doing. The thing is- whenever there's a piece of skin in his reach, he will start preening and then biting really hard out of nowhere. He...
  6. HeatherG

    Quaker Parakeet ‘punishment bites’

    Yesterday, Willow Quaker didn’t want to come out, so I left his cage open and got Jasper out. I was petting Jasper and talking to him and guess who came tearing out of his cage? So I stepped Willow up and and put him on my shoulder, petted Jasper a bit more, and put Jasper back in his house...
  7. HeatherG

    Random Quaker Parakeet Fears—“chicken” bird

    Today I brought Willow (Quaker) into my room for some petting and bird time while I read. He wouldn’t settle down and kept stretching out like a very tall skinny bowling pin. I asked him what was wrong but he kept flipping his wings and not perching quietly. Can’t recall if he was squawking...
  8. HeatherG

    Looking for Quaker NestCam

    I’m sure you have seen falcon cams or eagle cams online. Well, I’m wondering if there’s a Quaker Parakeet nest cam out there somewhere. Something that might show babies being raised inside the big apartment nest. It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to wire an existing nest with a wireless...
  9. sundae

    Obsessive preening

    My quaker parrot which I have had for about 3 weeks now, is obsessed with preening me. I'm not even joking. Once he got comfortable with me, it started with hands- he plucked out dead skin and sometimes even hair. Sometime later he moved to my face and today he insisted on licking my teeth...
  10. sundae

    Quaker parrot not drinking

    I got my 2 year old quaker parrot about 4 days ago. He acts like he has lived here for a long time- he's not afraid of hands (or human presence in general), takes treats out of the hand, does not attempt to escape when outside the cage and even comes to check out what is someone doing when...
  11. H

    My 2 Quaker parrot siblings want to Mate, what do i do?

    Hi everyone, as many of you know i found a nest of 3 quaker parrots without parents being around when they were just a week old, now they are 3 months old and beautiful and loving as ever, i have asked on this forum before if i should have seperated them while young so that they would be able to...
  12. Floofy

    Any help would be appreciated

    I recently took my bird Coco to the vet since she's been acting a little off and they told me to switch her diet to pellets which I have bought for her and they also gave her vitamin b12 and meloxicam and she ate some of the food I have her new and she seemed to like it. But now she's acting...
  13. B

    Quakers foot bleeding

    I got a Quaker male, 5 days ago, they say he was just weaned, he is biting his toenails until they bleed, idk what to do. He came to me on seed only diet I’ve been giving him fresh bird chop every morning, and bought some roudybush pellets he eats them some…I noticed he will eat them more if I...
  14. OpieBoy

    Quaker Parrot suddenly aggressive and bitey

    Hi there, I've had my boy Opie (2 years old) for a year and a half now. He has always been a very affectionate, smart, gentle boy. Initially he was scared of everything and over time he grew more and more confident. He comes to me voluntarily for scratches, cuddles, or if he just wants to be...
  15. I

    Quaker acting weird

    Bogey ( Quaker) is 1 year old, DNA blood, tested male. He is eating normal Poop is normal But his behavior is kind of normal. For the last couple of days, he has be gather his shredded paper and foot toys and hanging out the bottom of the cage. He will gather his toys and sleep on top of them...
  16. P

    weird drooling?

    my quaker is making some strange noise and he puffs up and make some time of saliva. I don’t know if this some breeding behavior or something like that. This is something he has never done before. I don’t know if should take him to the vet because he seems just fine, this happens when i go pet him.
  17. L

    Future Bird Mom

    Hello All! My family has been researching different parrot breeds and hope to add a parrot to our family in the near future. I am wanting to establish myself in the bird community so that I can learn from your experiences and have some support available when we bring our new bird home. So...
  18. S

    Looking for Baby Quaker Hand Fed / Tamed in South Florida

    Hello, Looking for Baby Quaker Hand Fed / Tamed in South Florida. Thanks!
  19. PapayaTheQuaker

    Training advice please!

    Hello! I've had Papaya for a while now but I feel as though we are not completely bonded as most parrot owners are. I feel as though he is still very skittish and and he tends to bite me when he is in his cage and I know quakers are very cage aggressive but nevertheless I would assume it...
  20. PapayaTheQuaker


    Hi! I know its normal for parrots to sneeze 1-2 a day but papaya sneezes a little bit more than that and I'm wondering what could be the cause of it? I do keep my house a little bit chilly and I am wondering if that would be the cause of it? I ready that if you shower with your bird it could...