Please help with screaming Senegal


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Jul 21, 2015
Hi, I have just signed up today as myself n husband are in desperate need of help and advice 😔 we have a 10 year old Senegal (male) who used to be cheery, whistling and playful but for the last year he has continually got angry by screaming, screeching and banging his beak against bars. He is out of his cage as much as he can when we are home, we talk, play and give him so much attention. He has a big cage and Plenty of toys which we rotate often. We have tried different positions for his cage round the house, by windows, away from windows etching and nothing seems to be working. We have tried everything, ignoring him when he screams and when he is whistling we mimic to show that his whistling is a good thing but again nothing 😞
Alfie does still sing and loves strokes and cuddles up to my husband on his shoulder but when he starts screeching it gets upsetting for us and hard to live with.
This year I gave birth to my first child and obviously was a massive change for Alfie (parrot) but we give him so much attention so he is not left out (we treat him like one of our children) and the screeching actually started before our son was born 😁
We really don't know what else to do and sometimes it comes up in conversations to have him adopted but we love him so much and is part of the family but it is coming to the point we are not sure if we can live with the screeching
We really don't want to give him away so if anyone can give me advice I would really appreciate it
Reading on forums there are similar people with the same problem but the advice given (which is very helpful) doesn't seem to be working. Please help
How about moving stuff around in the cage so he doesn't get bored?

He might be jealous of the newborn. Maybe trying to spend more time with your bird might get him to stop.
Hmmm...started prior to babe though, and they're rotating toys.
I wonder if it is still boredom related....he could be accustomed to his toys, even if you're rotating them....I wonder if you set up some foraging games for him each day, if that would help as a distraction?
I would take him to see a good avian vet as soon as possible to rule out any medical issues that might be causing the change in behavior. I'd take that as an opportunity to ask customized advice on your situation. It might give you a much needed, fresh perspective on things. If anything, it could be therapeutic for you and your husband to have a professional ear to vent to.

I wish you and your family the best during these trying times. You will overcome, you just need a little help!

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