Potential new SI eclectus owner...advise wanted


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Jun 20, 2012
I am interested in a male SI Eclectus baby. I have never had that large of a parrot before. I have only had GC conures and parrotlets. I'm ready to move up to a larger bird now. I love everything that I read about them and the breeder tells me they are as gentle as can be. Some things I have read say that they are tempermental though. My husband also doesn't want me to get a real screamer bird and I think that an eclectus might suit his needs there. I'm the primary caretaker though. I can't find a lot of information about their longevity either. I would really appreciate any advice or opinions on the breed. Thanks!


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Feb 17, 2014
Eclectus are wonderful birds they do however have very specific diet requirements. I would read all you can before making your decision. These are not the type of birds you can say gee I am running late today so I will just throw out some pellets and seed. Eclectus must have a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies daily.

A great place to find a good concentrated bit of information on pet eclectus is the website "The Land Of Vos" you will find pretty much every questioned answered there. I really encourage you to do the research first.

I adore my eclectus they are however a lot of work. I wouldn't not have them because of it but there are a lot of people who get them first and then when things with the birds health or feathers go wrong they find out what they really need diet wise and still won't fully commit to that kind of devotion. There have been plenty of days when I have been so sick I really should have been in the hospital and still I drag myself up long enough to make their chop imo it really is THAT important, there are no days off.


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Sep 18, 2013
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Yep. I second that. The biggest issue with eckies is improper diet...

They do better on fresh food diets.

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