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Oct 20, 2022
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You can comment on Nico the Ekkie whenever you want. He’s a parrot just like any of the other ones. I would say he is just sensitive when it comes to his diet. For an example if I feed him nutri-berries daily he will start toe tapping within 4-7 days. He just seems so sensitive diet wise. Loud noises also affect Nico a lot. If my nieces, and nephews are over & they are screaming. Nico will just start ripping out feathers. He seems to get overstimulated. I compare him to a toucan. I myself don’t advocate for either to be in captivity. They are just a little different, but they are still a parrot. They have behavioral issues that you can easily help with.
So sorry to hear about the ripping out of feathers that would scare me:(
My moses is 4 years old and he just started this year squaking when someone makes a real loud noise. He has never toe tapped or anything like that, so one reason i wish to get all the infor before changinf feeding habits, he loves fresh vegetable and fruits, 2 years ago we changed from zupreen to Tops and his blood test have been good since we switched.
so again thank you for the reply my wife and Moses calling me to come for dinner:)
Thank you and God Bless
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