Psittacosis outbreak


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Aug 28, 2015
Algonquin, Illinois
I planned on visiting my new 3 week old GCC today, but found out the Aviary is under quarantine, due to a psittacosis outbreak, for at least 45 days. The seller offered to let me out of the deal. Is this serious enough that I should consider backing out?
I would possibly back out for now, and if things resolve without issue and you can get tests to show that it's cleared, go ahead and continue. So stay in contact with the seller, but you don't want to risk paying for a bird that might pass.
Luckily, Psittacosis is not deadly, and is treatable it caught in time, but the main concern is it is zoonotic (can transmit to humans) and make people very ill. It's really your decision whether you want to wait until everyone is treated and tests negative again. Hopefully the breeder will sanitize thoroughly enough in the environment that it will be totally gone.

Now, with whatever practices let the disease in the aviary in the first place, I'd worry what 'else' might be lurking in the aviary. Something more serious like a deadly and contagious viral disease that there are no outward signs of?

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