Question about Cockatiel with bird-lice


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Aug 4, 2020
A white, young cockatiel lady
Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice regarding my cockatiel lady. After my first post here, I've been working dilligently with her, and she is slowly becoming handtame. She was supposed to be free, out of her cage, inside my room since three days ago (cage as resting/sleeping place) but we have discovered the poor thing has bird lice/feather lice (According to the vet, she mustve gotten them from the breeder, which is a shame ). She is getting meds already, for three days now, and I'm hoping she gets better soon.

My question, since no google search turned up anything useful: Should she be allowed out of her cage while she is still "infested":confused:? I think most of the lice have died, but are stuck to her feathers, even though very few are still crawling. Can she be let out to stretch and fly? Or will she lose them all over my room? Thanks in advance! :white1:


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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It is better to limit her movements at this point to keep from spreading the lice and their eggs around the room(s). Your vet should have provided a time line regarding the kill-off of the lice. A couple of days past that and its time for a deep cleaning of the cage and your complete room.

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