1. Kitty16

    American plantain leaves.

    So we have a lot of American plantain leaves in our yard and it looks like something our budgies might like but nothing online says it’s ok and nothing says it’s bad, would you guys happen to know if it’s safe for them to eat? I’m not sure it would be safe for them because online it says cats...
  2. Kitty16

    Trying cucumber.

    I cut up some cucumber for my budgies but they seem to be scared of it, they keep running from it also, I stopped trying to give it to them because it’s obvious they don’t want it but why would they be scared of it? Heres a picture of them.
  3. Kitty16

    Budgie diet.

    As some of you already know, I have 2 budgies, male and a female but what you didn’t know most likely is I have them on a seed mix diet, I know it’s really bad but I’m not sure what ingredients to get to make them fresh food, any ingredient suggestions will be a huge help, I’ve also seen some...
  4. J

    Female budgie not letting the male near me

    Hey everyone, first time posting here. I don’t often type large posts, so sorry if my post is are to read. I have a male and a female budgie in a cage together. The female (named Violet) is somewhat hand tame. My male (named Buddy) was extremely comfortable with hands when I first got him...
  5. A

    New bird owner?

    Hi, my names katy and I’ve been thinking about getting a bird but I need some help on which one to get? I’ve already done a couple years of research and am well aware that birds aren’t as what is seen online though they do have their moments. I know they bite and get hormonal and that you need...
  6. N

    Is baking play dough/polymer clay safe?

    i want to make craft jewelry for my friends, and my attempts keep failing. i though clay/playdough would be a good idea, but i dont know if it can release fumes or something. so, is it safe for my birds?
  7. koyajo

    My new baby and a question 🦜

    Hello!! I recently go a baby bird.. yesterday actually. He is 7 weeks old and he is a pied cockatiel. He sure is a beautiful little one! I got him a whole bunch of toys and he has a pretty nice set up. His name is speckles and he has a little playground as well. He loves to sit on my shoulder...
  8. J

    Curing silicone inside?

    Hi again everyone, this is a bit of a weird post but I wanted people's opinions on if this is safe or not (I plan on calling my vet in the morning and asking just to be safe). Long story short I have a bioactive set up for my reptile it's super big and it's located upstairs it sprung a leak and...
  9. R

    Vet, Blood work, Xray & So many questions

    Hello, // This is going to be a long wall of text but please read it if you have time. I am very stressed and confused. So I have a cockatiel, a very small cockatiel at that. He is almost a year old and I weigh him every morning and night. In the mornings he is typically between the weight...
  10. L

    Has anyone owned cholla wood? Is this mold or normal? How concerning is mold? Should I toss out everything that was nearby? Thank you
  11. F

    My parakeet couple keeps fighting D:

    I've had 2 budgies for about 2 years. The male (Kiwi) is about 2 years old and the female (Sarah) is about 7 years old. They mate with each other every once in a while, but I'm pretty sure Sarah is too old to produce eggs anyway. Recently I've noticed them fighting: Kiwi will be trying to woo...
  12. necrosacorporis

    Cage defensive cockatiel

    Hey everyone, I'm kind of struggling with my bird as he's kinda aggressive when in his cage. He won't let me change his water and food without hissing and threatening to bite, and touching him/trying to make him step up when inside his cage is a big no no, he won't let me do that but bite me...
  13. MelloYello

    Parrot rescues in Texas

    Hello! Does anybody know of any reputable parrot rescues/sanctuaries in Texas? Thank you! Have a lovely day!
  14. MelloYello

    Parrots for therapy

    Hi! I’ve always loved parrots from a very young age. They are such interesting and amazing animals. I’ve owned three, but do not own any right now do to some issues. I am finally in a stable enough situation to adopt and provide for a parrot. I was wondering, have parrots been used as therapy...
  15. L

    Is my new lovebird okay? Please help :(

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I was brought here due to being concerned about my new lovebirb. He is behaving fine, eating fine, etc. however, I noticed his face was either missing some feathers or it looks wet or something? I got him around a week ago, I believe the petstore person said...
  16. N

    Question about Cockatiel with bird-lice

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice regarding my cockatiel lady. After my first post here, I've been working dilligently with her, and she is slowly becoming handtame. She was supposed to be free, out of her cage, inside my room since three days ago (cage as resting/sleeping place) but we have...
  17. M

    Is my CAG moulting or plucking?

    Hello, Zelda, my CAG, just turned 1 year old in April. so I think she is currently going through her first moult. Sometimes though I am alarmed at the number of feathers at the bottom of the cage. Sometimes there are more, sometimes less. Sometimes she likes to have a play and chew on a...
  18. M

    thinking about breeding my 2 parakeets :)

    do u guys think its a good idea? my 2, snowy (almost 2 year old female) and daisy (2 year old male) see bonded and daisy always sings near snowy and feeds her. they don't go anywhere without eachother i have 0 experience breeding budgies so i have these questions: - is it a good idea? are the...
  19. C

    Should I get a bird? What species?

    Hello, I'm quite new here and I've been wanting a bird for several years now. I used to own chickens, ducks and budgies a long time ago, however due to some family struggles I have ended up living in an apartment with my mother and sister, along with my two burmese cats. I have been doing weeks...
  20. Aerski

    What’s the most embarrassing thing your bird has ever done?

    I took Crystal to the grocery market to socialize her more, when she sees a lady walk by her, and like she knew what she was doing, gave her the sexy whistle! It was so embarrassing, she thought I did it, so she kept walking faster.. :35: We were also taking her to Petco once, and the lady at...