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Sep 17, 2023
4 budgies, 2 foster IRNs

Fly high Baby blue! I love you
This is all Written with love and honor, I miss you and Love you Blu baby. You have let us accomplish so much!

**Disclaimer** No hate to the man, this is just a realistic description of what happened. I do not judge him AT ALL! I am so proud that he asked for help, that takes courage!

I got a call from our ex-housemaid (cleaning lady), we are still really good friends with. Her elderly neighbor had put a birdcage out by the road and she knew I had birds. She also had mentioned something about him having too many birds and had offered her some but I looked past that. SO we went to go look at the cage because why not? It was FILTHY! My eyes were immediately glued to the nesting box and the pile of seed hulls and feces at the bottom. Before we went about moving the cage to the truck I inspected the nesting box (as she said that his birds were breeding) and SURPRISE SURPRISE, Low and behold there were eggs. I candled them, no live ones (thank the lord) so I smashed them suckers! next thing i did was look at that big pile of seed hulls and stuff and think about how I would clean it and how logically I should deal with it. I noticed he had used wood to board up the sides so that the seed could pile up (again no judgement!!). I noticed some ants but no biggie! We put it in the truck and then Knocked on the guy's door to ask if he needed some help with the birds or anything, and to see the birds.

He welcomed us gladly and talked about how it started with 2 birds and they bred like crazy, he was obviously trying his best, he had enrichment and stuff in the cage with them. He told us he couldn't bend over since he was getting older. We looked at the birds and I saw this one I thought was just so cute. We ended up getting her. I felt a little guilty as I had JUST lost baby blu but i knew it was from her. She was telling me she's okay and made it to the clouds, helping us achieve her mission of helping other birds in need.

Welcome Ms. Rosie Rae in honor from your sister you never met.


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Aug 29, 2018
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww, welcome home sweet Rosie Rae!! Thank you for rescuing her, @Sparkie, you have paid your precious Blu a great honour in bringing Rosie home, she would've wanted another to know the love that you gave her! Looking forward to seeing some pics, I bet she's just gorgeous!! πŸ’–

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