1. caintowers

    My new budgie was traumatised on day 3... advice please!

    Hello y'all and thanks in advance. I've been wanting a pet bird for years, and years, and years, and finally felt I was in a place where I could adopt one. I purchased a beautiful blue budgie and got him set up in a lovely cage with everything a bird could desire. He spent the first day...
  2. B

    Rehoming advice for budgie?

    Hello all! I'm really backed into a corner here and I figured this would be as good a place to ask as any- does anyone have any advice for rehoming a budgie? Particularly in southern california / fontana/san bernardino/la area? I have reached out to any and all parrot rescues, bird...
  3. J

    Had A Trio Of Budgies. One Died & I Feel POWERLESS On What To Do Next(THEY ARE LONELY)

    I had 3 Budgies 1 Green Male(3-4 years Old) 1 White Female(3-4 years old) (Passed Away) 1 Blue Female(7 years old) They used to all be in the same big cage, in the same room. However, earlier of this month: Both females got sick. The White one with a tumor, and the other with a prolapsed...
  4. The Creep

    The Creep

    Spying on the budgies is always a favorite pastime!
  5. I

    male chasing around female

    hi! new here and i wanted to get some advice. so, i've had my budgies for a while now. yogurt (female, since 2020?) blue (male, since 2020?) vert (male, since mid 2020?) (question marks because i'm not so sure) i have had previous budgies before! (2018-2019 but gave them away due to such...
  6. W

    Night Fright

    Last night my budgie woke up and started to frantically fly around his cage, once the lights were on and I'd sat with him for a little bit he was okay though I'm not sure what exactly caused it. He went back to sleep ok with a dim light and this morning he's acting back to normal, my only...
  7. birbgurl

    This site is a lifesaver!

    Hi everyone! My name is Jam I’m 33 years old. And your site has been my go to for any birb questions. I own a cockatoo rescue, Hero (upper beak got bitten off by a macaw when it was a baby), George my green IRN, Steven my racquet tail, Larry my SC, Mikey and Pablo the budgies...
  8. C

    Help for a first time budgie owner😅

    (It’s my first time posting here so please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong spot) So about a week ago I got my first budgie, I was told he’s a male but that it was a bit hard to tell bc of his age. Before this I was really nervous so I just gathered as much info as I could, I consulted...
  9. A

    Rough Molt?

    I’ve had my budgie for 2.5 years and have never had a problem with molting before. Today as I went to play with her I noticed a medium sized bald spot close to/touching her cere. I have recently converted her to Harrisons Pellets for small birds and she seems to enjoy it just as much as the...
  10. M

    Female or Male

    Hello. Can someone help we with a gender of my parrot, please! ?? Thank You!!
  11. W

    blood feather?

    He hasn't had a blood feather before and I'm not quite sure if this is one can someone tell me if it is? also if it is how long do they take to go away?
  12. K

    Budgie Prolapse

    I work at a small family-owned pet store and we breed budgies there. One of our females would not stop laying eggs and because of that, she has had a prolapse. The store didn't want to pay the price for a vet visit and was thinking of having her put down. First, though they offered if any of the...
  13. Lanlar

    Encouraging Budgies to Explore

    I adopted two young female budgies about 6 months ago and since then we've made good progress toward taming and such, but they're real home bodies and when they're not in their cage they're on top of it or perched on the drapes behind. I feel like my training is being restricted by my birds'...
  14. vljenewein

    Greetings from SW Michigan

    Greetings all!! I currently live in SW Michigan, and retired (due to Covid-19 cutbacks) at the winery where I worked for over 20 years. Now, 68, but retirement is not too bad. I worked in the lab as an Assistant Winemaker, and also did purchasing for cellar supplies as well as vineyards...
  15. Houdini & Doddie

    Houdini & Doddie

    Houdini (male) and Doddie (female)
  16. L

    Biting Issues

    Hello! Been awhile since I've posted about my budgie Dee(year old), and his new friend Louie! Every since Dee has hitten "bird puberty" he doesn't like to be touched/rubbed (which is fine) but he has a bad habit of biting you when trying to give kisses etc, he'll be fine and want kisses but then...
  17. 20211218_224906.jpg


    Miles loves to pester the budgies. Just look at that little gleam in his eye!
  18. Tootsie talking and tucking!!

    Tootsie talking and tucking!!

    Our little Tootsie talking and tucking on Daddy's finger!!
  19. A

    I accidentally killed my pet budgie Kiwi - I miss him so much

    So today I took my poor Kiwis life, and I will never forgive myself for it. Most people wouldn't understand, but I know people on here will understand how much it hurts to loose a family member. I cant stop crying it took everything I had to bury him in the backyard under the apple tree with his...
  20. Astro side

    Astro side

    Side on Astro