1. M

    Constant egg laying

    Hello everyone. I have a female parakeet I adopted from someone on craigslist a few months back. She is not housed with any other birds but resides in the same room with my two diamond doves, separate cages of course. I plan on getting her a friend/male parakeet soon, however more so the last...
  2. S

    Struggling to find my lost budgie :(

    It's been 3 days since my budgie flew away from my home. He initially was in a tree nearby but later on disappeared. I've been putting up missing posters, placing his cage outside, reporting a missing bird to the local vets and communities, going around the area calling his name, playing bird...
  3. S

    Help! My budgie flew away

    My budgie flew out into a tall tree today a little distance from my house, I've tried enticing him to come down with millet and calling his name but I'm not sure if he even sees me because I'm under the shade of the tree. I've tried to get up higher on a ladder and using a long stick with millet...
  4. S

    Picking a new budgie

    I'm looking for a new budgie to be a companion to my current one, Sky, who is around 2 years old and male. He used to have a female friend a long time ago who unfortunately passed away. I'd appreciate some advice on what gender / age will ideally get along with Sky, I'm thinking of getting a...
  5. G

    Help! Budgie feet problem

    Recently my 2 years old male budgie Levi has gotten these orange sticky sore-looking things on his feet. I noticed it around 5 days ago, I thought he stepped in honey while walking around the kitchen. Yesterday I noticed that it looks like an infection. It is also swollen. This is how his feet...
  6. G

    First time budgie owner!

    Hello everyone very nice to meet you all! I just recently got my first ever bird (budgie, 3 months old, got him last week) and its mood has been all around the place. He still hasnt made a sound (only chirps when it hears birds from the window). It has let me hand feed it 3 times (twice...
  7. carlsnuts

    Budgie stargazing for around 3 and a half weeks, what else should I do to help him?

    Okay, so let’s start this off: I’m a university student who absolutely ADORES birds and grew up around parakeets, so I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to maintaining their needs. So around two and a half months ago, me and my boyfriend made the decision to adopt these two birds...
  8. burdlova

    Question about liquid coming out of budgies mouth after death

    So my budgie passed away today and right before he passed this clear liquid came out of his beak, and even after he passed it was dripping out. It also came out of his nose and it just bothered me seeing that. I'm not sure if it was a digestive fluid or something but if you do know please let me...
  9. Fauna

    Lil gray spots near eyes?

    My parents got me a couple of budgies last summer. I love them to death but ive never been able to fully tame them. The only times they’re willing to step onto me or even let me get close is when they fly too far from their cage and need help getting back. This time my girl Edith flew right out...
  10. S

    Please help

    Hi! Urgent question I hope you can answer, my budgie was eggbound with swelling in her vent. We took her to a doctor who expelled the eggs but did not clean or disinfect the area. He told us to do it at home. We tried to catch her but it was very hard and she was looking very tried so we put the...
  11. jess13

    budgie pooping brown !!

    hi everyone, I have two budgies I've had them for a year and a half and the female one laid an egg either the night before yesterday or yesterday morning and she hasn't laid another egg since and now I come back home to find brown poop in their cage. I don't know if it's the female or the male...
  12. G

    Help! My male budgie's cere has gotten dark, is this normal?

    I have a male budgie named Griffith, he's 1 year old. recently his beak started becoming darker & rough. This is how he used to look normally. This is how he looked on 3rd this month. it's already kinda dark here. This is how he looks today. It's a lot darker. My other male budgie (Levi)...
  13. A

    I need help with taming my 2 Budgies

    I have a male budgie about 2 to 3 years old, and a female who's almost a year old. I've had my male (bluey) for a few years and have never been able to tame him, but will eat out of my hand. My female (Saturn) I got a month ago since my other female died, she does not like me at all but...
  14. TheofficialParakeet

    The Bubble Budgies!

    We are going to dive into the Bubble Budgies here! This is the flock thread. Name: Olive (Olivia or Oliver) Age: 4 months Sex: Female (?) Info: Not much known yet. She’s friendly and curious. She likes to shred 😎 Name: Rosie Age: 1 year-ish Sex: female Info: Got from an elderly man who...
  15. Sparkie

    Rescue Story

    This is all Written with love and honor, I miss you and Love you Blu baby. You have let us accomplish so much! **Disclaimer** No hate to the man, this is just a realistic description of what happened. I do not judge him AT ALL! I am so proud that he asked for help, that takes courage! I...
  16. K

    Hi I am ken from China, I have two budgies

    Hi I am ken from China, now I have two budgies, yellow and blue. :):) And I sell some parrot toys, if you have some needs, welcome to contact me.:cool::cool:
  17. B


    Don’t exactly know whats going on with my female parakeet… 😓 I dont know what that white “fur” is. She’s been nesting on eggs but they never hatched. her stomach looks a little puffy and white
  18. Libbi24

    Healthy but lazy parrots?

    Hello, It’s been a while since I posted! I was able to help Hercules with his screaming and he’s an absolute dream now, took a lot of time and effort of figuring out why he was screaming and once I cracked the code I barely hear him anymore other than his happy chirps and dances. I adopted...
  19. P

    Budgie upward curled toe nail

    Hi, this is my cute budgie whose feet and nails look like this , what could be the reason and solution for it?I had an online consultation and the vet didn’t even look once at my bird but just listened to me and suggest some vitamins which is for dogs and said if this doesn’t help nothing will...
  20. J

    Can I have 2 budgies and a Turq parakeet in the same cage?

    I recently rescued 3 birds (2 budgies and 1 turquoisine parakeet). They have been living in extremely small cages right next to each other for years. I feel horrible for the Turk as she is all alone and I would love for her to be around other birds (there is nowhere near me to get another turq)...