1. P

    Budgie upward curled toe nail

    Hi, this is my cute budgie whose feet and nails look like this , what could be the reason and solution for it?I had an online consultation and the vet didn’t even look once at my bird but just listened to me and suggest some vitamins which is for dogs and said if this doesn’t help nothing will...
  2. J

    Can I have 2 budgies and a Turq parakeet in the same cage?

    I recently rescued 3 birds (2 budgies and 1 turquoisine parakeet). They have been living in extremely small cages right next to each other for years. I feel horrible for the Turk as she is all alone and I would love for her to be around other birds (there is nowhere near me to get another turq)...
  3. ImaParrot

    My budgie is bullying my dog

    Okay, before everyone gets upset that I have a dog, Teyla is the sweetest, most chill dog to ever exist. She's literally so tolerant, but Elvis is just being stupid at this point. Both Teyla's kennel and the birds' cage are in the living room because Mom is firm that the animals won't be...
  4. ThatCatAgain

    Budgie buddies

    ofc they aren't fighting lol.
  5. B

    Feather duster budgies and quality of life

    Hi all! I was buying a flight cage that I found on Facebook marketplace from a family that has a lot of budgies in a variety of cages and aviaries. When I was there, I noticed that their English budgies were separated into two cages. In the first cage was a male/female bonded pair, along with...
  6. ImaParrot

    Budgie diet conversion!

    Elvis, Olive and Turtle have been eating brown rice, seeds, and pellets (occasionally, because they're so picky and hate the pellets we're currently buying, but the bag ain't empty yet) but I have been trying to get them to eat more stuff. I have been trying to feed them sliced carrots for a...
  7. Rico_Tiel


    So, I have a budgie (cricket) and I got her in May. I think she’s a she, but now I’m starting to think she might be a he? Anyway… I believe she is mimicking my cockatiel, Rico. And this just started today. She makes a quiet, version of Rico’s fear/angry-at-the-human screech. At least, it sounds...
  8. GryphonHound

    My introduction ✨️

    I have three budgies, Bubbles a 6 yr old male who loves bells and is being weaned off of mirrors, Aqua a 4 yr old male he has an injured wing that makes it difficult for him to fly and Sunny a one year old female who isn't tame yet. I will be getting a Bourke hopefully soon once I find a good...
  9. SleepyLuca

    Budgie health problems

    So my about 6 year old budgie has been having a lot of problems recently that have me concerned. His beak has started to grow too fast for him to manage and we had to begin trimming it on a regular basis so that he can eat, drink and clean himself. But- he also has feces stuck to his vent and it...
  10. Rico_Tiel

    Pretty Bird Daily Select?

    Hi, so I discovered a pellet brand called Pretty Bird. I can get all sizes but I cannot get the species specific for cockatiels because it is not sold on Amazon and will not ship outside of the continental USA because Alaska :/ Anyway, I believe that it’s a brand that I could feed to Rico and...
  11. ImaParrot

    Weird Behavior

    Elvis used to love looking out of the window around January-March, but now he'll look out the window and get spooked, sometimes peck at the window, sometimes fly away only to fly right back. I thought that he was scared of the birds outside, but when I closed the curtain the next day, he hated...
  12. Rico_Tiel

    Rate the budgie names I picked out!

    Green pied: Sweetpea, fern, bug, emerald, mistletoe, shrubby Blue pied: blizzard, frost, cryo, Denali, sleet, diamond Violet: Borealis, Violet, daisy, lupine, bluebell, indigo, hyacinth, orchid Lutino/ybdfs/ybdec: sweetpea, bumblebee, beebee, cleopatra (if female), dawn, amber...
  13. BudgieBudgieBudgie

    What happened to her beak?

    I left home for about 2 hours and my budgies beak looks dented or cracked, and it has some dark/small red spot underneath this weird looking crack. I took some photos of me holding her. These are the best photos I could get. What do I do?
  14. Rico_Tiel

    I want to get a budgie, is this a good idea?

    Hello, I am looking into getting a budgie and know the ins and outs of budgies and their care. Rico is a friendly bird and I’m sure would take to a budgie very well and we have the space but would this be a good idea? My mom is a hard NO on green cheeks but I’m not sure about budgies since we...
  15. Two Budgies

    Two Budgies

    I finally got a good picture of Elvis (blue/yellow) and Niki (white) RIP.
  16. Hatzegopteryx4578

    Tips on how to find my budgie a better home?

    I’ve made my choice and I’m planning to re-home my budgie so he’d be in a better situation. The only problem is that I don’t know how to find somebody to personally meet up with who can have them as his forever home. I don’t want him to be hoarded, used for breeding purposes or constantly...
  17. Hatzegopteryx4578

    My bird is preen excessively which is concerning

    As some of you may know my male budgie had recently lost his sister because she had to be euthanised. I started seeing more down feathers fall from his as the days have gone by, I’ve also see his excessive behaviour to preen his back and chest. I’ve tried to give him more attention than usual...
  18. Hatzegopteryx4578

    I’m unsure if I should re-home my budgie

    The sibling of my budgie has recently been put down and I’m unsure whether to give him up or not. Although I’m on easter break I’ll be in school for the majority of the time after that. I also lack the room for bird quarantine if I do want to get another bird. Along with that he has a possible...
  19. H

    Male has died! 3 week old babies only have mom what do I do?!

    💔😢I need advice: Our pair had their first clutch. Babies are a few days older than 3 weeks old. However dad died unexpectedly this morning, we are heartbroken. Will the hen feed the babies still? She isn’t sitting with them as much is that normal for this age? I’ve seen her go in and immediately...
  20. MyFeatheredFlock

    Some on things wrong with my budgies leg please help

    I just found my budgie on the bottom of his cage, and when I tried lifting him up and putting him on a perch I noticed he was only using one leg, the other one was held back behind him. His vent was also covered in wet poop, (I cleaned it after I noticed). I know this isn’t normal but I don’t...