1. Astro side

    Astro side

    Side on Astro
  2. Astro lookies

    Astro lookies

    Astro sussing the camera out!
  3. Astro Sits

    Astro Sits

    Astro is sitting on his play gym.
  4. R

    Help identifying sex of new budgie, and color mutation if possible.

    I'm looking for help with the grey bird (Stormy) in the following pictures, it is full flighted and was not hand tame at all so it bumped its nose a bit on walls before it found its cage, visited vet and bird is completely fine aside from the bruises and scraped up cere, I waited a week for the...
  5. SandmanHDdddddd

    Budgies cant stop fighting!

    Hello, So I used to have 2 pairs of parakeets until one of the males passed away. For the last three months, they've been living normally in their large cage together. But for the last 3 weeks, the females have been at each other's necks. It got so bad that we decided to remove the single...
  6. R

    Help sexing my Clear Eye American Yellow budgie

  7. SandmanHDdddddd

    Budgie Loss Support

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing well. I apologize for being a bummer but I wanted some advice. I was a proud owner of two pairs of parakeets who grew up together (8 Years old). Unfortunately, last night we noticed one of the males wasn't doing too well and we took him to an exotic bird vet...
  8. 2

    I need help!!

    I have a 1.5 year old burger and I’ve been meaning to teach him some tricks. Unfortunately, he does not understand the concept that he has to do something for treats. Whenever I try to train him he just goes right for the treat and gets aggravated when I don’t give it to him. How should I go...
  9. jBurn801

    White poop please help.

    I noticed this morning that one of my budgies is pooping white and he's pooping more often than usual. I cleaned the cage and I've been watching him all day. He's been acting normal (singing, preening, eating, drinking, and playing). I've been observing his poop color throughout the day and...
  10. Kamarro

    Hi all! New bird mom (1st timer here)

    Hi! I’m Kelsey, I already made a original post about bonding with my new baby conure. But I should have introduced myself first. I am a wi8+ year Vet tech, full time job and mom to both human and birds. (Disclaimer:I know the amount of time I need to spend with my birds and I interact with...
  11. Ferns cage

    Ferns cage

    I've been working on her cage for ages. I have given her Custom pearchs of different textures and widths made with maple wood and cleaned before being placed inside the cage. I need to get her some more smaller toys currently there is only 2-3 the rest will be ordered soon. I'm very proud of it!
  12. 8-16 Tiny.JPG

    8-16 Tiny.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  13. 8-16 Three.JPG

    8-16 Three.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  14. 8-16 Riker.JPG

    8-16 Riker.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  15. 8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  16. L

    I am worried about my Budgie

    Hi, I am writing this thread because I have increasingly became worried about my Budgie, Blair. On the Wednesday last week my three budgies were happily chirping, playing and just being budgies in their cage. They have a fairly big cage that has a few different doors to open. On the night I...
  17. J

    Budgie scaly feet?

    Hi all, I've recently gotten a blue male budgie a few days ago (already had a yellow female one for a couple of months already). We noticed that the blue budgie feet looks dry, rough and scaly compared to my yellow budgie. Does anyone knows if this is normal? I've attached the image below.
  18. StormyPica

    Love vs. Lifespan

    Now I know how this may sound but I'm NOT complaining abt my budgie's personality. But does anyone else ever wish they had a different bird cuz budgies dont live very long? There is so much I wish they could see, do, feel, that they'll never get to. Just cuz they dont live as long as bigger...
  19. I

    Budgie with huge calcified growths on feet

    Hi everyone, a friend of a friend that lives in India has a bunch of parakeets they keep in a cage outside. They sent me these pictures of one of their parakeets with these huge calcified-looking growths on their feet and I?ve searched the Internet for what it could be but I can?t find anything...
  20. R

    Budgie and Parrotlet can share aviary ?

    Hello, I was wondering of parrotlets can be in the same aviary with budgies :confused: ?