RIP to the best bird i have owned

Maya The Ringneck

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Mar 30, 2024
Indian Ringneck(Maya)
African Greys(Curly)(Sydney)
(RIP)Galah Cockatoo(Max)
Green Wing Macaw(Niko)
Palid Blue Quaker(Bruno)
Harlequin Macaw(Zia)
My Galah Cockatoo max was found in the bottom of the cage one morning.
My grandmother found him then came to wake me up crying and told me what had happened
i was the one to pick him up out of the cage and wrap him in a blanket
MY grandmother was exceptionally sad due to the fact that he was really her bird and loved her the most,
he loved us all but they had a special bond
It is a sad time for my family. Also for me because i was just in shock because of this being the first bird I have lost.
RIP to the sweetest bird i will ever meet
Fly free max
I'm so sorry for your loss of beautiful Max, my heart goes out to you. He was a very fortunate little bird who lived a life full of love with your family, and he will always be treasured in your memory💝
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thank you all

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