Rocky told me off


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Apr 18, 2014
So I've had Rocky now for over a month and most of that time he has been fairly quiet. He is quite cage aggressive so I've been letting him come and go on his own.

Tuesday night I moved Yeti's and Jingle's cages. Which now puts Yeti on the other side of the room and Rocky and Jingle right next to each other...just inches away. Yesterday when I got home from work Rocky chewed me out. At a very loud noise level he just chattered away. You could tell it was a scolding and the only thing different in the room was the moving of the cages. He went on for about 45 minutes.

Jingle mean while said very little. THEN I let Jingle out and Jingle came to me, sat on my chest and chattered away. I guess I wasn't talking back to her enough because every once in a while she would say "pretty girl" and then I would repeat "pretty girl" and on and on she chattered. Usually she only talks to me for about 20-30 minutes but last night it went on for over an hour. She wasn't yelling at me though...she was just telling me all about it.

Whew - night night couldn't come fast enough for me. :p
Ha...sounds like a couple of siblings tattling on each other...of course blaming the other for everything that
You will find many changes require a long time to accept but nothing usually that short. As for the tattling comment. We had a Lilac crown female and her much older brother. Both knew one place they were not to sit and both would tel on the other. One word of warning after years they become family. D.D.

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