Severe Macaw Price Good?


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May 5, 2012
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I found a Severe Macaw $300.00 he's young but thats all I found out about him Looks like they have him in a homemade cage I just get the feeling it's not a good situation for him. I'm wondering if I'm right this isn't allot for a Macaw . I know if I see this bird in a bad situation I'm going to bring him home.
Normally Severe Macaws run approx $500.00 to $1,000.00 depending where you live so $300.00 is a very good deal.
You stated that the Severe was young, how young and are they still weaning. If they are still weaning, I would not purchase it unless you really know what your doing when it comes to hand or tube feedings. If you do not know how to hand or tube feed, you could kill the Macaw so be very careful. Best of luck Joe
That is VERY low for a macaw. Usually they are in the thousands or at least above 600 .If you found the add on Craigslist or online it's probely a scam since the only info you know is it's a severe and it's young. Macaws never come that low, they might be a reason they are selling so low, behavior problems, agression, health problems. It's either that are the owner is very generous
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No I think he's an idiot The picture of the bird makes it look like the birds is under 5 yrs old and instead of the pet forum he is listed under want to trade. so will be crossing fingers the bird holds out till Sunday so I can see him.
"Good" prices are relative. I just got a Jardines, 50 pounds of food, a couple hundred dollars worth of toys, and a very nice cage for free. They even gave me a carrier. Ironically, my husband and I had to sit and have a long conversation about whether or not we wanted the added expense of another animal.

Even "free" is too expensive if the timing isn't right. A friend of mine got her cockatoo for free as well, with a very, very expensive cage.

That said, $300 sounds cheap if the timing is right. I hope for this bird's sake that this is the beginning of the best days of his life!

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