Should I add an amazon?


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Jun 8, 2008
I'm new to the forum and currently owner a military macaw and a meyers. The military is "mine" and the meyers is my husbands. We love our birds and are looking to add another. We have been looking at a number of different options including another macaw or an african grey. The birds I am finding myself fall in love with are the amazons however. I have read a few books and a number of on-line articles and I find there are tremendous upsides to owning an amazon and some very dificult things as well, especially sexual aggresion. I would love to know the experiences and advice of others, especially those who have older amazons and have weathered the "dreaded" sexual maturing process. I look very forward to hearing from you!
Thanks! Becky, Jeff, Millie, Shakespeare (and our human kiddos ;)


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Dec 26, 2006
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Ah ... Shakespeare, should I ever get a grey that will be his name, right now my flock includes Hamlet (the Sun Conure) and Mac (the Green-Cheeked Conure) ....

Amazons are a breed all their own, yes, they can be aggressive, yes they can be dominating, yes they can be territorial. But I also know someone who just rescued a 35 year-old BFA and she is a "velcro" birdie. In a matter of 2 months he has increase her quality of life and has given her a second chance at a great life.

The key with amazons is to get them early, or if you have experience you can get them later (in the teen years) I seem to believe that it's the first 10 years or so of sexual maturity that are the worst.

Welcome to the forum, I am sure you are going to learn lots here ...


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Aug 16, 2007
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Hello and welcome :)

Find a local parrot rescue and see if you can volunteer cuz if you can then you will get a chance to meet all types of parrots and learn what their personalities are like.

This way you can find out before you choose and maybe you will find one at the rescue that will fit in with your lifestyle and family.

I will say this, Amazons are different then macaws and Meyers. They can be VERY aggressive and hormonal but they are also independent, and love to sing.

I love my amazon but they are definitely not for everyone which is why so many are rehomed...

Good Luck :)


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Jan 12, 2007
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Agree with both Tex and Rock. I have rescued a 30 year old Mealy Amazon. The gentle giant of amazons, he can't even bite as hard as my Senegal. He is very sweet but loud!!!!!
Let us know what you decide or if you have any more question!!!


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Feb 27, 2008
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We have a YNA we acquired from a friend of a friend about a year ago when she was 9 years old. She's a nice bird. She's very vocal, sings, imitates the previous owner's kids (the crying baby has got to stop). Right now she's yelling OW! because I'm not paying attention to her. She's not aggressive in any way. Her "bites" are more like grabs. She never breaks skin or even leaves a mark. Aside from the little lap dance thing she does to my husband which is just kind of annoying, she's a great bird. She is definitely a one person bird but not as bad as my grey who only likes me and bites anyone else (and draws blood). I'm ok as a substitute but once my husband gets home from work, all he!! breaks loose. All we hear for about 10 minutes is "HI ROCKY!!"


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