should i be concerned about my conure and take her to the vet?


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Dec 20, 2023
ra3d (thunder in arabic)
wa3d (promise in arabic)
hello this i my first time using this but im really worried about my pineapple conure. her poop is a reddish brown color and im not sure if this is because of some of the pellets she ate or if its something i should be concerned about. based on her behavior it hasn’t changed as shes always been calm. I’ve noticed that she started to twitch a lot but i’ve also seen that it could be a sign of her wanting to mate. i really hope someone can help and maybe tell me what it could be as im really worried about her. her poop has been like this for like a week now. (she eats dried fruits such as dates and tomatoes and also petals so im not sure if that is whats making the color be like this)
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