Sick Budgie needs medical care and prayers


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May 11, 2023
I found one of my eight beloved Budges, Hunter, on the floor of his cage this morning all fluffed up looking like- a sick Budgie. He is making a clicking sound with each breath and is weak. I saw him pick at his food but back to the cage bottom he went. Of course, IT'S SATURDAY and the closest avian vet open today is almost three hours away so I had to bring him to an animal hospital that sees birds but has no avian specialist. The vet was real nice. She admitted that they are not bird specialists and examined Hunter. They prescribed Medicam and antibiotics orally and injected sub-q fluids and B12. I have no idea if this treatment will be effective but it's better than nothing, right? Hopefully he will hold on until I can get him to the avian vet on Monday.
What Hunter needs now is hope and prayers. I can't let Hunter die because he's very bonded wirh his cagemate, brother, Beau. (Their names are Hunter and Beau Birden- get it?) They are both hand raised (not by me) and are the sweetest most gentle boys imaginable. I don't want Beau to live alone and I don't want to get another budgie just to keep with him. He would love to share a cage wirh my precious girl Rocky (and so would she) but Rocky's in prime health and top breeding condition at nine months old and Beau is crazy about her, so they would surely start to go at it, and I don't want babies.
So, please pray for Hunter to recover! My whole feathered family will suffer if Hunter dies.
May hunters soul rest in peace, so sorry to hear that your little buddy passed away. And sorry that I did not edit this earlier…
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