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Dec 18, 2013
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We have decided to adapt my post from another thread as a sticky so members can learn more about both the Subscription and Notification features.

There are two ways to be subscribed to a thread.

1) Post in said thread. You are automatically subscribed to any thread in which you have posted.
2) Click on the Thread Tools tab on the upper right portion of the top post on any given page, and go down the drop-down menu to the Subscribe tab. But this is only necessary if you want to be subscribed to a thread without having posted in it at all.

Activating Notifications:

1) Click on the User CP (Control Panel) tab up near the top of the page in the middle of that blue strip.

***Point of interest*** Your most recent subscribed threads will all appear on this page (assuming there are any recent ones). And if you want to see all subscribed threads, click on the View All Subscribed Threads option to do so. Also, any unread pm's will also appear on this page as a hyperlink.

2) Look to the column on the left-hand side, under Your Control Panel. Click on the Edit Options tab under Settings & Options.

3) Once you've done so, look over slightly to your right under the Messaging and Notification section, and go to the Default Thread Subscription Mode options. There you will see a drop down window with No Email Notifications likely set as your default.

4) Click on that window and choose from the Instant, Daily or Weekly options.

5) Scroll to the bottom and click on Save Changes to activate your new settings.

Once you've done this, notifications will arrive in your email whenever anyone posts to one of your subscribed threads (if you chose the Instant option). Otherwise, they'll arrive Weekly or Monthly depending on your chosen preference.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Thank-you, for your efforts in upgrading and creating this new Thread! I will be of great help to our Membership as they improve their overall experience with Parrot Forums!

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