Success! Maddox stopped sneezing!


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Mar 15, 2022
Fairfield Connecticut, USA
Maddox is a green cheek conure
So for the last few months, I have been at a complete loss as to what to do with Maddox's sneezing. It only became more frequent and more concerning. I took him to the avian vet twice and spent more money than I would have liked. She said his lungs and the respiratory system seemed fine, and blood work did not indicate infection or any other issues. Antibiotics for 21 days did nothing, and I became seriously concerned. Finally, a week ago, the vet said that dry air can cause issues like this, so I invested in a humidifier, and now Maddox is sneeze free! I am so relieved and so is my little buddy. I just wanted to share my little victory.

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