Super aggressive hormonal male


Mar 15, 2022
Bee Bee
I’m sorry! The hormones are insane right now for my bird, too. Avian calm works wonders during this time. I don’t know any controversy with giving an upset bird avian calm, but I could be wrong. I only give it when my bird is screaming and angry for an extended period of time. You got this!


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Apr 25, 2020
It may be a good idea to keep a notebook of biting events and what you think led up to them. After a few bites you may see a pattern. For example, sometimes little parrots fixate on a certain toy and get upset if you touch that toy. Or maybe they are cranky in the morning before they’ve eaten, or in the evening near bedtime. Or, you are talking on the phone or wearing a hat or oven mitts.

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Aug 22, 2021
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Do you know Bogie's triggers ? That can vary from individual to individual. Some parrots get triggered by the soft, warm mushy food thing, some by having access to dark hidey spots or to shreddy type bedding or materials or the other known triggers. Or All of them! For instance, Salty gets triggered by dark hidey spots, and during mating season, if he is in his cage, he hides up in one corner where its darker and if out and on his cage will try to climb down and hide under the cage on the shelf there. Eyes pinned and tail flared out wide!. The soft warm mushy food thing does not seem to affect him. He gets his evening meal, the chop one, served at around 100-105degF, and he wolfs it down (we call him Hover or Electrolux sometimes).
I don't know his triggers. I mean I see nothing consistent. Its like he's fine then flips on the evil switch. He gave me the worst grinding on my pointy finger bone and holding on like a pit bull...I tried push n pull n squatting....he knows I wo t hurt him so he didn't care whst I surprised he didn't break the bone...

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