Tailfeather Preening not happening


Jul 14, 2015
Queens NY
Green Cheek Conure (Mochi)
Gold Capped Conure (Mango)
Our smaller GCC can easily preen her tail feathers (by twisting her head around and folding in on her opposite end)

Our larger gold capped doesn't seem to do this, that I've ever observed yet (since getting him on 1/31). He preens elsewhere normally just fine though.

Is this a flexibility issue? AFAIK all birds should be able to preen all parts of their body, right? In terms of proportion/size, it would be a lot more of a "stretch" for Mango to reach the farthest tip of his tail feathers with his beak than it is for Mochi to reach hers.

Anyone here note a similar quirk?

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