Taming two old budgies? Is there a way?


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Mar 15, 2021
Hi! I was searching the web for a place to ask this and found this page. First time poster.

I have a situation with my two budgies. Background info: I had two, got one more from someone who couldn't keep him any longer, then one of the originals passed away. One of them is about 7 years old now if I recall correctly, the "new" one I don't know the age of, but is most likely younger.

I've been really patience with them from the very beginning. I gave them a few days to adjust to the new settings, a couple of weeks to get them used to me (and protect them from the cat until she learned they are friends, not food lol), then I very slowly started introdusing them to me opening the cage door and giving them millet and stuff. The only times I forcefully take them out of the cage (which I dread doing, can't imagine that's going to make them trust me), is when I absolutely have to trim their claws. I've gotten them one of those "sandpaper"-like perches now, so I haven't needed to trim their claws for a good while. They do usually let me trim them when they sit on the cage wall tho. Only one of them dares out of the cage when it's open, and even then only sometimes.

I think and have accepted that it might be too late to get them tame now, seeing how they have each other and don't really seek human contact. They seem to do just fine in their cage, but I feel really bad about having them locked up 24/7, even though they don't even want to come outside when given the chance (multiple times a week). I don't think they are afraid of me. They sing along to songs and the tv, eat from my hand (though a bit on edge), preen and sleep when I'm around. And when they first are out of the cage, they sit either on the cage or on me.

I don't know what to do anymore, it feels like I've tried everything forever. I'd love to have them around and just chill with them, pet them, hold them, you know? But is it even hope for that anymore? In the end all that matters is that they have a good life, and they seem pretty chill and alright, but I just feel like I have so much to offer them.

Any suggestions?

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Jul 10, 2015
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It is never to late, especially if you are willing to trash any expectations and just enjoy having them around!

We measure success in micro-steps that occur over extended time periods and rejoice when another micro-step occurs.

Than one day arrives and surprise you have budgies all over you!

But, having expectations will assure that you never see the micro-steps.
Apr 9, 2021
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Hand feed them! Budgies LOVE food. Put the seed in the palm of your hand. Hold the millet in your hand. They’ll come to you eventually as they’ll want that sweet sweet delicious food lol


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Aug 2, 2018
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I took on rescue budgies of unknown ages myself. I just wanted to provide a great life for them. I would offer food and sweet talk thrm. But never tried to train. After having them 2 years one decided to just be my freind all on his own. A relationship of trust developed and he lands in me , kisses me, let's me pet and play. Slowly a second budgies is following his lead. So I think you can always develop a relationship at any age, with multiple budgies.

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