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Mar 18, 2015
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We have had Kyo for a week today. We are working on target training during her supervised out of cage time. I captured a bit of video. I discovered she works hardest for zupreem fruit blend pellets, better than she works for seed, so that's what is in the treat cup.

I am trying to get her used to towels too, hence the towel on the bed :) slowly making progress. She is much better about not crawling onto my shoulder and sitting on her play stand most of the time now too. So proud of my little one.

Enjoy! Sorry about my silly talking, I just love having "conversation" with her :D

[ame=""]Target training with 14 week old GCC - YouTube[/ame]
Very cute!!! She will be doing tons of tricks in no time! My Quaker finally got "chase your tail" (turn a circle) down, only he doesn't realize he only needs to do it once and will soon and spin!!! Your girl is adorable--I would love to see more vids as she progresses!
So cute!!! I'll have to do more reading on target training. Are you also using a clicker in addition to the stick and treat? My little one is so busy that I don't know that I could get him to stay in one place long enough....but maybe that is the point of the focus.
Aww! I can't wait to see more videos of you and your little featherfluff!
I can't wait until I get my little one, and then begin training sometime in the future.~
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Hi everyone! Thanks for the positive comments :) I love being able to share her videos somewhere that the viewers enjoy them.

I do use a clicker, but praise works as well. Kyo is very responsive to praise (particularly when she has a "good poopie" on her play stand and not on me). She flies between hubby and I no problem, so I've been focusing on helping her to be more independent by playing on her stand :)

I'll post more video soon <3
Sherry, I have a similar issue only instead of being hyper my Quaker looks at me like "you want His Royal Highness to do WHAT for food?" So I started taking him into another room for training, one without cages, play stands, etc. also I train him on a perch (actually the back of a barstool) so that he can't try and wander off or get distracted by pieces of treats he drops.

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