Trying to recall the name of a bird store in Texas


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Jan 19, 2014
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Hi friends and members! I’m here again :)

We’ve moved! I?ve lived my entire life in Southern California, but this year in January we landed in Texas. East, or you can almost say East Central Texas.. and what a change! Mostly good though!

Several years ago, a member here (looks like she hasn’t been on in a couple years) had mentioned on different occasions, a bird store she’d go to. This store sounded great. It sounded like many of the ones found in SoCal, with unusual parrot species found on a regular basis (not sure now with the current world situation), and would be somewhere I’m assuming either in or around Houston.

Does anyone know which store this sounds like? If I can identify it, I’d like to take a drive to see it, as I’m about 1.5 hours away from Houston. Not sure if it’s A Parrot’s Cove? Adventures in Birds? I‘ve heard those names before. Anyone know what those stores are like?
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Feb 6, 2010
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Both of those are parrot stores in Houston. I’ve boarded Parker at A Parrots Cove, though want to try adventures in birds next time since it’s closer. Been to both.

A parrots cove feels definitively like a formal bird store. Could almost say chain feel. Immaculately laid out. It’s located in a strip mall, bunch of independent locations.

Adventures in birds is set up quite differently, less formal. Breeder cages front the building. Go inside and you feel like you’ve entered a basement. Had the feeling of going into an agricultural feed store. Birds are actually on display in a large side room. This room has wire frame cages and gravel floor. Boarded birds are off to the side, almost felt like the cages were storage, all but 1 was empty, slightly darker area. You really feel like you’re entering an older building about to fall over at any point. What’s cool about adventures in birds though is that they have bulk feed items you can mix together to make your own mix (assorted dried fruits, nuts seeds). They also have bulk mixes and bulk pellets.
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Aug 21, 2010
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Hey Julie, good to see an update even though you've fled SoCal!

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