violent kakariki


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Mar 28, 2024
2 x lorikeet, 8 x kakarikies
Hi everyone,

i am new to the forum as just found it while looking online for advice so hi to all.
i have 2 x lorikeets in large parrot cage,
3 x kakarikies in large cage,
5 kakarikies in joined small double aviary

i have 5 kakarikies in a small indoor and outdoor aviary which is linked, 1 x male and 4 x females, all of a sudden the male is attacking other birds violently, it killed one and today hurt another , could anyone give any reason as to why this is happening please, they have plenty food of various types and water and bath etc, toys and perches galore, been happy and got along for a while and all of a sudden this week the violence starts ?
thanks kev

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