What a pair of duds!


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Jul 12, 2012
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I am watching Baby the IRN for our landlords again. Since the poor little guy is upstairs all alone (except the 2X a day I go up to feed/clean/talk to him) I thought perhaps he'd be interested in seeing another bird and Kiwi came up with me this morning. These 2 occasionally "talk" back and forth sometimes (more whistle and vocalize, as they can hear each other even if they never see each other), so I thought maybe they'd like to see each other (of course Baby was in his cage and I kept Kiwi a safe distance away from his cage).

Man, I'd think they'd be excited to see another bird, or at least Baby would be. Nah, both total duds:31:. Baby just went about his business putting his pellets in his water dish and Kiwi sat on the dining table roaming aimlessly:rolleyes: Sheesh. At least I *tried*;)


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Jan 19, 2014
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Funny April :). I guess those two are just so used to being single birds. Robin was like that during times he was single. He could care less whether there are other birds around him or not.

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