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What is the best brand of bird harness?


New member
Aug 21, 2015
Mango: Male cockatiel, Ruby: Female eclectus
Hi guys i bought my sweetheart of a cockatiel :yellow1: a harness (from eBay) that i could take outside in, and it worked well for the approximate 3 moths i had it but the other day i lost it!!. I really liked it but at the time i bought a cheaper one off eBay as i was not sure it would work well. But now i know that they work really well i want to buy a more expensive one such as an aviator. i know that the aviator harness's have a great reputation but are there any other really good harness's for small parrots available. if people could leave some links i would be very grateful. Cheers Will & Cleo. :D

Btw i am loving this forum!. :)
The aviator is great - I have one for my 'tiel, and didn't risk anything else given that we're talking about such little wee bones - I like the science behind these harnesses.

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