What Type of food does my Amazon need


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Aug 2, 2021
Hi, i am getting mixed reviews on what is best to feed my Amazon, he has just been weaned and is now storing his food in his pouch, the pet shop has him on a seed mix but we have been looking at the pellets.

we also want to introduce him to chop would you guys & gals feed chop in the morning and leave pellets or seed in all day?



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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
DYH Amazon
A great and often asked question. See the Amazon sub forum looking at near the very top for the High Lighted thread that is titled: I Love Amazon --... Within the huge Thread is a segment that defines an excellent diet for an Amazon.

You will note that diet does not place pellets in place of seed, but in concert with them as your Amazon needs a very wide and varied diet base with Chop being the foundation. Yes, serving Chop in the Morning is a great way of providing that base.

Welcome to the wonderful World of Amazons.

Please remember that prior to you Amazon coming home with you. Your Pet Store needs to provide you with a Hatch Certificate that Defines the Species of both Parents, the hatch date and detailed information regarding the Breeder, Pet Store and that Document needs to be provided to you Avian Medical Professional in which they will copy and return the original to you for your safe keeping! Understand, it is a traveling document which stays with your Amazon for its life time.

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