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Apr 10, 2023
Piplup a female agapornis/love bird
Hi! My little lovebird Piplup decided that it was time to become a single mom and laid 4 eggs (last one on March 24th)

She is starting to loose some interest in the eggs and leaves them for some time during the day now, but not prolonged periods of time. So I was wondering if I can already remove the eggs permanently or if I need to wait longer?
Unfortunately I couldn’t find dummy eggs in my area, nor did I understand the need for boiling the eggs (I do now but thank goodness she hasn’t been so clumsy to break one of her eggs yet) So yea… kind of unsure what to do right now.

Her behavior has started to improve again seeing that she was very bitey and territorial for a few weeks. It’s becoming less and less and she hasn’t tried to rip my finger off in 5 days or so.

Sad side info about Piplup. She is a rescue, as her old owners wanted to get a cat she had to go, and when I went to get her she was underfed, poorly housed and well a little depressed. The only info they had for me was that she was about a year old, but didnt know for sure, she never laid eggs at their house and there was another bird, who died a little earlier but ‘they didn’t know from what’. Anyways little Plips backstory is a whole other post in itself and for another day.

Hopefully one of you can provide me with extra information! Greatly appreciated and thank you in advance! (Attached is a photo of the little wannabe mom and her sitting on her eggs, the nesting materials have since been removed)


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Dec 9, 2021
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I’ve never had a bird lay eggs but as far as I know most eggs from small parrots incubate for 3 weeks.
Once she looses interest in them completely it is safe to remove them.

As far as discouraging laying in the future, based on the pictures the bottom of the cage looks very nesty, I would remove all the paper and clutter so she doesn’t try to lay again.

I commemorate you for rescuing her and giving her a good home too 😊

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