love bird

  1. F

    How can I know my 2 Lovebirds sex/gender

    I have new 2 love birds, one which is yellow the other is mainly green, but i am not sure about their sex/gender. here are their pictures:- The main differences are :- 1) The yellow one has a dark blue spots above his/her beak, while the green has a lighter blue spot. 2) The green...
  2. junipersr

    My bird is biting me, hard

    I'm a first time bird owner and I got my lovebird, Percy, a few months ago. He came from a previous owner who couldn't give him enough attention, we think he's around 10 months old now. Now I say he, but he hasn't been sexed and I'm starting to think he's far more likely to be a female. I've...
  3. A

    What should i do with my lovebirds

    My first bird was, kiwi( peach face), he flew to our house, so we assume he escaped, cause there no wild lovebird in malaysia. After keeping him for a day, we ask some bird store manager, the manager said that if i set him free, he will not survive. So i decided to keep him. Then i bought...
  4. junipersr

    "Nest" Alternatives?

    My new lovebird Percy came from a previous owner with all his stuff. This includes a "nest" that is very dark and cozy and I'm sure will make him hormonal as soon as he's old enough for that (he's 7 or 8 months old). He really loves it though and goes in there to sleep every night and I'd feel...
  5. D

    Kiwi’s new chapter

    kiwi is a peach faced around 7 years old, he lost his partner this week and understandably has been acting unusual not wanting to go home staying out for a while but is eating well. I read that I need to get him a new partner as soon as I can but the problem is that him and his old partner were...
  6. D

    Kiwi’s beak

    Hello, I searched this up before posting anything and apparently it’s a scissor beak or crossed beak that can happen for many reasons? Kiwi is around 7 years old, eats well and sleeps well, we recognized the unaligned beak about a week ago. I am asking the internet because I truly think you can...
  7. D

    Bonding is going backwards!

    Three weeks ago I got a little Lovebird named Casanova. Bonding started off really slow and he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me but lately things have been progressing so fast. Within a span of three days (this past Sunday to Tuesday) he started eating Millet from my hand, he started...
  8. T

    Is it too late for our lovebirds?

    For context: My brother got two lovebirds and I guess while he had them for the first 3 months, he did not really tame or train them. He just fed them and gave them toys and cleaned. Now the birds live with me and its been 3 more months and no matter what I do, they will not warm up to me at...
  9. T

    New Member from California

    Hello Everyone! This is my first attempt at posting to a forum so please forgive for any mistakes. I am a new owner of two lovely Lovebirds. I figured why not join a community with people who might have some insight into birds. Any who, I wanted to inquire about a certain behavior I just...
  10. Zhin

    Buu Buu lost, yellow/red Lovebird

    Hi parrots, today i make this thread to show eveyrone , Buu Buu, a great energetic young lovebird, who flew away by an accident on 01/01/2021. Buu Buu flew in a direction that was offlimits but one member in the family scared it off and it literally flew the other direction and flew out.. I had...
  11. V

    Help wanted!!

    Hi guys! 4 days ago i bought a turquoise lovebird from a breeder. First of all can you help me determine her age since the breeder was unsure. Now to proceed with my concerns. To start it off she was very happy and exploring her cage when we got her. The next day she was flying out of the cage...
  12. R

    Please help my girlfriend and me!

    Hello everyone it’s with a very heavy heart I’m writing this today I have woken up to my girlfriends love bird face down at the bottom of the cage after only 4 days!!! As you can imagine we are shattered because we got this love bird cause he was one of five at the pet shop(aviary bird) and...
  13. I

    Lonely Love Bird - Loud noisy LB

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I became the owner of a love bird after the owner a friend of mine died, I was looking after the bird at the time. Originally he had a pair, but one unfortunately died. The remaining love bird that now resides with me he is tame appears healthy, but he does...
  14. M

    URGENT- 1 day old lovebird!!!

    Hello, so I have a 1 day old lovebird and dont know what to do, I have formula, and im keeping him warm with an infrared light, i also have a termometer to measure the temperature, how often should I feed him and should I feed him throught the night? I have him because my boyfriend's lovebirds...
  15. R

    Need help with training

    Hey guys! So I'll try to keep this short and sweet: Last december I got a Lovebird, it was a present from my boyfriend which was an issue since he wasn't really informed about the differences between a hand raised lovebird and one raised by its parents. It seems to me he wasn't used to being...
  16. P

    Scared Lovebird

    Hi there! I need some advice with my five year old lovebird. I got her 2 months ago when somebody needed to rehome her. Her old mate had passed away and she was crying for a new one. I got a 2 year old lovebird and he loves all the attention. The guy who sold Chika (the one I am asking advise...
  17. X

    Hello, this is kiwi, theultrasonic lovebird

    Presentación de mis Agapornis papilleros/ Lovebirds 1 - YouTube Only is the best, And there iare Kenta and kiwi babys Presentación de mis Agapornis papilleros/ Lovebirds 1 - YouTube :green1::whiteblue:
  18. A

    New Lovebird Parent

    Hello all, Back in November, I purchased two young Lovebirds (I was told they were about two months old; Both of their beaks were about 75% brown) from a breeder. I previously owned Budgies when I was a child, although I didn't quite know how to tame them back then. I've watched various...
  19. P

    How long lovebirds need to adapt in new place?

    Hi. We have brought two 10 month old lovebirds male and female 2 days ago. They are very stressed, just sit on the top branch of the cage and does nothing. Even does not eat or drink. How long is it normal to bet like this when they should start eating?
  20. eliholtman

    Flock diversity

    What types of different species of birds do well towhee I'm not talking same cages but just being out of their cages? Do parakeets parrotlets and love birds do well together? Are Indian ringnecks okay to have with other birds Thanks in advance