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Re: First Parrot

Something I forgot that you need to discuss with your family, mostly your parents, is whether or not they are willing to throw-out every piece of non-stick, Teflon cookware that they own, all of their pots and pans that have the black, teflon on them, if they have them, which a lot of people do, as you CANNOT use ANY non-stick Teflon pots or pans, not EVER, with a bird in the house. The fumes that are released whenever you cook with Teflon pots and pans can and will instantly kill your bird. Period. You must replace them with either ceramic non-stick, cast-iron, copper, etc. No pots and pans with the black, non-stick lining...

This also goes for ANY ceramic heaters, air purifiers, etc., as they also contain the same stuff as Teflon does (PFE's and such) that will instantly kill your bird. This is a big problem for a lot of people, as they don't realize this until AFTER they get a bird, then they have to spend a bunch of money replacing stuff.

They also cannot EVER use any scented cleaning products, scented candles, oil burners, plug-in scents, basically nothing with "scents". They will have to start cleaning with only non-scented, natural cleaners such as white or red-wine vinegar and water, or the clear, natural cleaners made from plant enzymes, such as Green Works products. No other commercial cleaners at all, no bleach, no scented lysol, febreeze, Mr. Clean, nothing...
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