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Re: Poppy’s Continuing Journey

Awww Doc, you have an incredible knack for saying exactly what I need to hear. Thanks for the virtual bear hug, I could sure use a hug in person.

I agree, with every year I spend with parrots I gain new insights. I know my birds so well and they know me that well too. Little feathered empaths, I can fix most things for them but I couldn’t fix this. Poppy taught me so much and watching her heal and thrive was pure joy, I couldn’t watch her go back to the dark place she was in when she came to me, she deserved better.

Thank you for your kind words for Stormy, I’m proud of his service to our country and my heart breaks for all our servicemen and women who willingly give so much and have so little support when they finally come home.

You are such a wonderful friend! I’m very fortunate to count you as one of my closest friends. We’ve been through a lot together since that day we became mods, I don’t know what I’d do without you, Doc. You are my shoulder when I need to cry, you’re often my moral compass, and sometimes the jailer for my inner Texan, mostly you are sunlight on the darkest days. Thank you for the love, prayers and support. Love you back.

"She is not refined. She is not unrefined. She keeps a parrot." Mark Twain
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