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Re: I lost my lovebird, missed window for necropsy, help me narrow this down!

Yea pretty much what Anansi said,

Im no expert in birds at all but,

I read through your post,

Instantly i looked at
1. The 6 week routine in cleaning the cage : problem, was too long interval..
If we think about outside birds, you know that they sit up somewhere and if they take a mass pooping routine, the crud goes all the way down.. You will see they bombed your car with crud as an example..also your birds are in that tiny space with all that feces built up and the air around your bird can get toxic, especially since you saw mold too.. This most likely damaged him pretty bad

I clean it usually like evry 3 days but sometimes weekly depending ,

2. Necklace.. : problem, can choke if it gets caught somewhere..
You would kno not to wear jewelery near moving parts, say working in a factory or near engines/car. Can easily get caught, but we dont think about it.

So if he was ok enough but wasnt feeling very well, but for some reason maybe he couldve choked on it or got caught somewhere as he was moving about.. Then maybe struggled to get out (especially if something loose you have on gets caught and entagles,).

Most likely your bird went down because of the unnoticed mold and other feces/rotten small stuff that built up,
So it couldve been a combo hit on your bird(toxic air + necklace), but i dont think the necklace couldve killed him in this instance, but that chance is high. I would never put any necklace type jewlery or cosmetics on the bird, the only thing you should put is the legband or microchip.

? Can show great pics of your little buddy when he was in great spirits
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