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Birdmom12 02-10-2019 11:01 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
These are great things to take into consideration. I am happy with the amount of warming up to me he has shown this weekend. When I walk by he comes to that part of the cage/stand to talk to me. Its usually gurgles and beeps, I've noticed he likes to bark at me though. I bark back to him and he gets excited and goofy.

he was on a swinging stand earlier and I slightly swung it so he knew what it could do. He marched right down to it eyeing it and saying HELLO! I think he enjoyed the play time.

Flynhigh 02-10-2019 12:12 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
I would agree , there's been wonderful gains made and your doing great! . Keep the interactions many , and welcome him to you if your comfortable. He definitely seems to want the attention which is your cue . If he fly's to you , talk to him while he's with you , maybe a short stroll around the room before returning to the cage or stand. You don't want to send the message that he is only allowed on his cage or stand by returning him immediately . If he's flying to furniture or undesired locations other than you then is ok to tell him no ( calmly) and return him . You do want him to know your hand or shoulder is a source for love , protection and enrichment. When you hear him coming try to quickly maneuver your hand to get him landing there first so you can offer the shoulder if desired. This puts you in the drivers seat and not George. The first few times may be fails and he will shoulder anyway but once he's coming to you on a regular basis you can start working from the stand or cage and call him to you. Relax and have fun with it , he does not want to bite you and always keep in mind sometimes depending on the close your wearing can be a difficult landing pad , slippery or loose fitting and momentum takes them a little further than planned they will use the beak as a hand to grab hair or skin , or ear to stop or balance themselves . This is not a bite. It may feel like a pinch but ignore and move on. Keep up the great work !! I love to see the progress.

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Birdmom12 02-10-2019 01:31 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
great moment happened today. George is out and we are cleaning. I was by him not paying attention and he flew to my shoulder...completely threw me off guard. I walked back to his play stand talked to him as we went and he got off and was rewarded. Later I was in the kitchen and in rolled my husband with George on his shoulder. George then flew to my shoulder and sat gurgling in my ear. He sat with me for a minute before flying to my husband in the dinning room. I followed and my husband said George go to her...George came to me got on my shoulder and was rewarded with a treat on my shoulder. My husband then asked George to step up and treated him and then George flew back to his play stand.

I can feel myself becoming much more comfortable with him. I'm realizing if I do something he doesn't care for he just fly's away. It was a bizarre feeling having him preen my hair though. Major tickles and I think he enjoyed making me laugh.

Flynhigh 02-10-2019 01:38 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Awesome job !! You got this .

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Flynhigh 02-10-2019 01:50 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
The preening is also an awesome indicator, my conure loves to preen my hair ,I'm getting concerned I will have a bald spot soon. All wonderful news sounds like he's going to be a perfect fit!

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Birdmom12 02-11-2019 02:56 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
Not that it matters but wondering out of curiosity. I originally thought George was a blue fronted Amazon. I'm seeing now there is MANY different types of amazons and many looking similar. Trying to figure it out but what do I know!

Flynhigh 02-11-2019 09:54 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
I wish I could be more help , But I will say he is a Handsome lad . He looks very happy!!

Birdmom12 02-14-2019 12:12 PM

Re: Socializing & Training
UPDATE: George is officially a member of the family and we took the leap to adopt.

George has gotten the hang of targeting down fairly well. When the stick comes out he is alert and runs right over to me to start. I'm to the point now if hes misbehaving (usually trying to destroy my curtains) I just pat my hand where I want him and say come here and he runs on down to the spot. (Him listening with out the stick now makes me very proud of the developing bond)

He still won't step up onto my hand but I am also not forcing him on the subject. I figure when hes ready he will lift that little foot up and I will know. I ask him daily but as of now he just stares at me or turns his back. He does fly to me daily for a chirp but only prefers the shoulder. When hes done visiting he either fly's back to his cage or over to my husbands shoulder for a visit. I have been letting the shoulder visits be longer each time. He chirps, I talk back, and if he behaves he gets a nut. (This far he has behaved and has not shown any real aggression or lashing out. He does occasionally hiss if spooked.)

Last night he was cage top trying to destroy my curtains again. (Not listening to the come here like normal) When he wasn't looking I gave the cage a little tap to throw him off balance. (I've read you should do this but not sure how true that is) That tiny shimmy was enough for him to get the picture. He instantly flew to my forearm and gave a grumble. He stayed there a quick few seconds then flew back to his cage top. I talked to him afterwards and he came down to me for a little visit as he observed the curtains once more wondering how that happened. Since then he is much more receptive of the come here and stop that.

My question now is... I have him following the target stick all over with ease. He also targets to his cage door and is rewarded with a nut in his bowl when its time to go back in for the night. He is also currently Target training on a dog carrier. I'm hoping to get him acclimated with it so vet visits are less stressful. So far I just throw a nut into the back and when he enters he gets a click and praise. Right now he is comfortable walking to the back of the cage for a nut. Next phase shutting the door and opening it.

What other forms of training could be done at this point? I think He is almost to the point of flying to my arm when asked. He showed serious interest in the idea the past few days but has not launched yet. I've tried the turn in a circle but my hand being above him is a bit intimidating still. We continue to work on the reaching up to target.

This weekend the family is building a perch stand for him and attempting our hand at making birdie bread.-Wish us amateurs luck!

Thoughts?/suggestions on next steps of training/bond building?

AmyMyBlueFront 02-14-2019 06:20 PM

Re: Socializing & Training

Originally Posted by Birdmom12 (Post 797124)
Not that it matters but wondering out of curiosity. I originally thought George was a blue fronted Amazon. I'm seeing now there is MANY different types of amazons and many looking similar. Trying to figure it out but what do I know!

George is definitely A Blue Front (compare with Amy my avitar) And by the darkness of his eyes I'd say he is young also. Do you know his age? Handsome fella you have there :D


Birdmom12 02-15-2019 08:46 AM

Re: Socializing & Training
Jim, I was told George is a 35 year old male. Of course this is information was given by the woman that cared for him after his owners death. We have no paperwork to back any of this up so his past is a complete mystery.

We are only parakeet and cockatiel parents prior to George so this was a BIG step up. I was afraid we took on to much and would fail. I was especially afraid we would fail after reading about Amazon Parrots. Finding out they aren't for beginners, are known for their jealous or aggressive behavior I was a bit worried! Thanks to the never ending advice here though its been smooth sailing. After only a few weeks in George is showing hes a curious, sweet, and relatively quiet boy. I was prepared for screams and the horrible calls that echo a room...but so far he keeps it to chirps and quiet talking.

If hes irritated he lets you know but not through biting(thank god). He backs away, gives you his back, or swoops down for a hiss. He mouthed me once when I asked him to step up and he was very gentle about it...but I knew he wanted space. LESSON LEARNED

I feel like I'm back in the dating game to be honest. I play hard to get every day, I act like I'm not interested and only show interest during target training. I've found this completely gets his attention and hes suddenly my best friend. He loves to come down and sit on his cage door at my level and give me curious eyes.

Hoping soon he will step up for me...until then he fly's to my shoulder and sweet talks me.

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