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BlinkingLizard 06-16-2020 10:27 PM

Travel cage for car travel
Hi all, I'm going to have to move this summer with my cockatiel and budgie, plus two kids and enough stuff to live on while we wait for a moving van. I already have a travel backpack that I've used for other trips (it looks like a Pak-o-Bird, but I just looked those up again and the prices made me gasp - I swear I didn't pay nearly that much). The problem is that the cockatiel and budgie don't share a cage, and the backpack is really tiny. I'm not comfortable with them sharing it for the length of time we have to drive (eight hours, but with a good chance I'll have to break it up across two days). So I'm looking for another travel cage that works well in a car, and hopefully costs less than the Pak-o-Bird. Any suggestions? I like to be able to attach the cage to the seat belt to prevent it from shifting.

(And unrelated side note: these two birds have a relationship I do not understand. It's like they like each other, and they act like they want to share a cage, but then the budgie chases the cockatiel away from his own food so I don't allow that. But they hate being separated in different cages. They spend most of the day on a play stand they share without fighting.)

Ira7 06-19-2020 02:28 PM

Re: Travel cage for car travel
Your best bet might be separate modified cardboard boxes. Just get a little creative, with cutting air holes, an access door, water cup, etc. I wouldn’t even bother with a perch.

8 hours isn’t a ridiculous amount of time or undue stress on them, especially since you’ll be with them. But why would you break that short trip into an overnight? Kids, I know, but still.

Also, do it awhile before you move, and get them used to the sight of them.

bill_e 06-19-2020 02:53 PM

Re: Travel cage for car travel
Or small cat carriers

bill_e 06-19-2020 03:08 PM

Re: Travel cage for car travel
Something like this could house them for 2 days and is divided. 23x12" so not that wide on the seat.

Qckslvr 08-09-2020 10:32 AM

Re: Travel cage for car travel
My wife and I have a small pet carrier that I mounted a perch in. Works great. Fair warning though most pet carriers have a 1 bar spacing on the door. You can fix this by attaching card board to the door.

Also Amazon sells a collapsible travel bird cage.

noodles123 08-09-2020 10:44 AM

Re: Travel cage for car travel
I am not the biggest fan of the modified pet carriers because they are so shadowy (and can lead to hormonal behavior--but I have used them for Noodles-- I threw mine out though, once I got a wire travel cage).

I use a Prevue Hendrix cage that isn't as big as I would like, but is large enough for Noodles in the car. Note- she doesn't stay in it when we get to our destination..

BlinkingLizard 09-15-2020 01:57 PM

Re: Travel cage for car travel
Hey! I thought I had checked back and gotten no replies, and now it's months later. This is what I got:

And I'm glad I did that rather than a cardboard box, because I ended up having to break the trip into two days, and when we arrived on the other end it took nearly a month for the movers to bring our stuff! (That was not what they said when I signed the contract.) With the two travel cages, the birds at least had a perch to stand on, although only my more expensive travel backpack (not the one I linked) had mountable food and water cups. It was only four days before we moved into the house (without furniture) so the birds could come out and get exercise, but they had to go back in the cages every night.

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