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Sc0tt 11-23-2012 12:17 AM

Possibly Bonding?
So as most of you know I've recently rescued a year old red throated conure named Casper. He has been super aggressive (BITING not nipping) and even like charges my fingers to bite them.

Tonight he was crawling all over me while I was watching TV and seemed to want to interact. I have been clicking and giving him portions of nutriberries, and he has seemed to enjoy those. We got so far to the point hat as he was preening, he would allow me to scratch his head/neck and seemed to be in bliss. He was still biting me often but it seemed more to me like a nibble. He also would bite hard and freak out if I touched his belly/wings/lower back.

I'm wondering if he's starting to trust me, or if he was just compelled by the treats I had been giving him. I know it's hard for you too know what's going on in his head but I'm hoping this is some first signs to him realizing I'm his friend, rather than his enemy.

MonicaMc 11-23-2012 01:01 AM

Re: Possibly Bonding?
To me, it sounds like he's starting to settle in!

I still get "bites" from Charlie if I misread him, or do something accidentally to piss him off, and he's been with me for 6 years! Then again, at 18 years old, teens are supposed to be bratty and downright difficult! ;)

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