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Old 05-28-2018, 12:13 PM
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Re: Eclectus at the pet shop questions!

I've gotta say he looks like a sweetie. My most recent eclectus has taken quite some time to warm up to me, probably months! Lots of growls and nips later and I finally have his trust. He too was a plucker and couldn't fly, so he felt very vulnerable and this would make him lash out. Now we have an understanding and he's a sweetheart

The fact that this little guy has been this trusting with you straight away is a great sign!

Eclectus come across as rather placid. They typically don't run around as much as some other species and like to watch and learn. I do love the crazy energy of cockatoos and such, but the more I watch them, the more I wonder if I could tolerate them being at high energy levels every day! Eclectus are definitely my pace. I was put off keeping small birds as they are so skittish. Eclectus are much more thoughtful and deliberate in whether they do, which for me personally means I can read them better.

Was the noise he made definitely a growl, or was it more like a clicking crunching squelching sound? If it was more like the latter it's a good thing, it means he's relaxed and sleepy, which means he trusts you as a safe place to rest! If it was a growl, it just means he was trying to tell you he either didn't like something you were / weren't doing.

Definitely try to keep him on the hand or wrist with your arm straight down and bent at the elbow as suggested. If he starts to show interest in climbing your arm you can have treats ready in your other hand ready to distract him. If he only receives treats while on your hands / wrists it will build a positive association of "when I sit here sometimes she feeds me goodies". Maybe something like almond slivers? They're small and can be broken into even smaller pieces to make them last a bit longer as too many nuts aren't good for eclectus.

With regards to the piercing, he probably would be curious of it and try to grab it. I have multiple facial piercings and multiple birds and haven't had one ripped out yet The key is having an alternative thing to occupy them, keep them distracted or to offer them that is acceptable to play with. I'm pretty sure that if my guys were close to my face with no toy or no food it wouldn't take long for them to start grabbing at the shiney

Dexter used to be obsessed with my glasses. If he grabbed them, he was told no and put on a perch or in his cage for 30 seconds and ignored (no eye contact, no verbal communication). Then I'd go back to him like nothing had happened and give him something else to play with instead. If you leave the bird for too long after the negative event they don't make the association between their negative action and your disappearance. Consistency is key when it comes to the training and setting boundaries.

I hope you keep visiting this little guy

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Old 05-31-2018, 01:48 PM
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Re: Eclectus at the pet shop questions!

I know I'm bit late but I found out guacs history! He was left alone in a cage for 2 years, after that, he kept home hopping until he finally found a home, which is a workers bird and I can absolutely see he loves him.
By the way, I also found out he's not growling, he's actually purring and he's happy!
I make him happy yay!!❤❤
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Old 05-31-2018, 04:04 PM
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Re: Eclectus at the pet shop questions!

WATCH YOUR PIERCING!!! It's not that he's trying to hurt you, but they all love jewelry of any kind, and with that big beak he could rip it right out through your lip before you even knew he was doing it...I speak from experience, it wasn't pretty..

Belly-button piercing, laying on my bed, shirt got rolled-up and exposed the ring, I was watching a movie and not paying attention to what Kane was doing (Senegal Parrot). He was sleeping on my pillow beside my head one minute, the next I felt heat and a stinging pain and I jumped-up, scaring the hell out of Kane. He flew into his sleeping cage (we were in my bedroom), and I ran to the bathroom to see blood EVERYWHERE...He didn't rip it the entire way out, but about half-way through. Of course then after it started to heal it got infected and i had to take it out and take Cephalexin for 10 days. So watch any piercings, specifically your earrings and any at all on your face!
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