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Earlybirdx 11-22-2020 02:55 PM

Hi I have just joined tonight. I have a 2 year old Sun Conure called Filbert (partner a LCFC supporter)

Look forward to joining in the forums:

wrench13 11-22-2020 03:03 PM

Re: Hello
Welcome and be welcomed!

LaManuka 11-22-2020 06:09 PM

Re: Hello
Welcome Earlybirdx and Filbert! Thank you for joining and we look forward to following your adventures together :)

Don't forget to post some pics will you, we love baby photos around here.......

(hint hint!!)

Go you Foxes!! :D

Flboy 11-22-2020 06:58 PM

Re: Hello
Welcome to you both!

Laurasea 11-22-2020 07:32 PM

Re: Hello
Welcome! Neat name!

Scott 11-22-2020 11:57 PM

Re: Hello
Welcome to you and Filbert, thanks for joining!!

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