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fiddlejen 04-28-2020 06:28 PM

Re: Desperately seeking help with terrified QP!
My Sun Conure has a little bit of a foot problem also. Specifically, one non-working claw (rather than the whole foot like yours). When I got her she had real trouble balancing on perches, and couldn't do step ups. She was Willing to step up, but pretty much unable. She would scoot backwards & even slide around perch. So I had to figure out if she was Actually willing, and then sort of scoop her up. (If she wasn't willing, she would slide away more & resist more.)

Also she would fall off perch when sleeping.

I got her lots of rope perches and spiral rope perches.
I put platforms in her cage(s).

Also I got these perches for her:

Big difference here is that mine is a happy outgoing birdy. (This is apparently thanks in large part to my local Petco's Bird Whisperer who really works with the birds before they sell.)

However. Over the first few months I'd say her confidence increased a lot as we worked specifically on her balance issues. First I tried using Target Training... which I am no good at, but, getting a sense of the principles will help a Lot anyway even if you don't implement it Exactly.

The first "trick" I worked on with her (well, after "Touch," that is), was a simple "Two Feet," that is, to get her to stand & balance with both feet under her (instead of with one foot up grabbing something sideways for balance). After that we moved on to struggle with "Step Up," but around that time we discovered that she really loves Tropical Nutriberries. Loves them to the point that my un-balanced birdie will balance on one foot whilst holding Nutriberry in the other foot to eat. Huge Accomplishment for her! She normally drops them after a few bites. Nonetheless these treats are her Ongoing Physical Therapy.

Her one toe still does not work, but, after she began balancing for nutriberries, her step-ups improved right away. Most of a year later and she no longer falls off perches. You might not guess, at first glance, that she even had a balance problem.

Now your bird has different issue if the problem is whole foot instead of just one non-working claw&toe. So the specifics of how to help will be different.

But, my point is that it you may want to work with her creatively to help her improve her balance, and help find her creative ways to compensate. The better & more easily she can move around, the more confident & happier she can be.

NovasMama 04-29-2020 10:38 AM

Re: Desperately seeking help with terrified QP!
How could I get her into her travel cage for the trip to the vet? She’s scared of even perches near her.

NovasMama 04-29-2020 02:24 PM

Re: Desperately seeking help with terrified QP!
Cool idea! I do a lot of clicker training with my dog so maybe I’ll give it a shot with her once she’s more comfortable with me. Just wanted to add she puts weight on it and actually moves around almost perfectly, obviously it’s not ideal but she doesn’t stand any different and enjoys strutting up and down her branches haha!

Cannot thank everyone enough!

sandeejs 05-02-2020 02:02 AM

Re: Desperately seeking help with terrified QP!
None of my birbs ever liked the travel cage. Have something soft on the bottom, and a favorite treat nearby. Talk to her softly during the trip. If you go while Covid19 still rules, you won't be able to attend the appointment.
Good luck.


Originally Posted by NovasMama (Post 865744)
How could I get her into her travel cage for the trip to the vet? She’s scared of even perches near her.

NovasMama 05-04-2020 07:24 AM

Re: Desperately seeking help with terrified QP!
Hi everyone!

Here with an update.

Just got off of video call with novas avian vet, he said her foot is most likely nerve damage or a neurological issue caused by injury or a birth defect. He said we could X-ray it to find out exactly what’s wrong but it’s a waste of money because there’s no treatment available for her kind of issue. He’s sending us some anti inflammatory pain killers as a long shot but doesn’t hold out much hope. He said she’ll adapt as time goes on and I’m already doing everything right with cushioning her perches and using wide flat perches.

I’ll let you guys know how that goes and also how our bonding is going as time passes! Cannot thank you all enough!

Scott 05-05-2020 12:48 AM

Re: Desperately seeking help with terrified QP!
Deep respect caring for a special needs bird! Hopefully Nova is not in pain and will most likely acclimate to life with reduced function.

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