1. A

    How to deal with my parrots odd behavior

    Hi, so I recently posted a thread talking about my birds weird actions and the scare it was causing me. Luckily a nice person had explained to me that it could be hormones and my bird seeing me as a mate. As of recently my mom and brother left to travel and that might be one of the reasons for...
  2. G

    Sweet conure turned aggressive, help !

    I’ve had my green cheek conure for a couple years now and he is very bonded to me and sweet and cuddly, but recently he will randomly attack my face with extreme force, biting me hard and making me bleed. I am considering rehoming him if this can’t be fixed, because I leave him in his cage...
  3. R

    Help I can’t tame my ringneck lol

    So my Indian Ringneck, Ringo, I have had him for a little over a year now. He still does not let me touch him, or even feed him out of my hand. The closest thing (and the most recent progress) I have gotten him to do is eat out of a bowl I was holding through the little bowl holder in his cage...
  4. TheSeals

    Off my chest, I just need to vent

    Hello everyone. I am new here as of today and this is my first post. I have four beautiful parrots. Peachy (F/27) Moluccan Cockatoo, Ruby (M/23) African Grey, Alfie (M/11) Green Cheek Conure, Jasmine (F/?) Green Cheek Conure. I harbor so much guilt from owning them. I’ve had them for 10 years...
  5. Robinwiththeringnecks

    I need advice quickly since I’m so unsure what to do.

    Hello! I just found this site and was hoping for some advice. I have had my amazing female albino ring neck who is about to turn 1 year old in April for about 5 months. She has a great personality and I love her to death. I ended up buying her from some sketchy place that was very unhelpful and...
  6. lesliedino

    Noisy conure

    Hello, Yesterday I adopted a 7 month old conure. He’s semi-tame and a little afraid of hands. But I’ve never owned a conure before and he seems to be constantly chirping and screaming. He doesn’t want to be touched but it’s obvious he wants to be constantly near me. When he starts screaming...
  7. cloudyhelium

    Hey there!

    So, I'm Arthur, I'm 17 and I'm new to the forum! I must say I come from a family that sees birds as ornaments, we had budgies when I was little and I fell in love with birds since. A few years back we were given a red-lored amazon and she's been living as a seed junkie in a small cage, I've...
  8. bebethesunconure


    my conure seems as if one eye is a little puffy than the other eye. This is occurring in his left eye. He had a shower the other day, I don't know if the shower cause it to be like this or any water in his eye. He's been yawning as if he was a little tired. He likes to play with wood a lot, I...
  9. H

    Injured conure???

    I have a pineapple conure. She’s almost 2 years old and her wings are fully grown out. Therefore she flies all around the house whenever she wants. I usually leave her out and about in the living room and she does her own thing. I went to use the bathroom today and left her in the kitchen where...
  10. Rayneandpepper

    Help!! White tip on conures tail feather

    I recently noticed Pepper, my 3 month old green cheeked conure has this triangle looking white tip on his tail. I looked everywhere but I cant find what it might be, does anyone know? I attached a photo of anyone knows.
  11. G

    8 month old gcc trying to mate with 4 month old gcc

    Hi again everyone! So i got my green cheek Kirby a friend because he was really lonely... they have just started to get along since yesterday which I'm so happy about :) Kirby has just started puberty and well... he's been trying to mate with his new friend (female 4 months) non stop. She just...
  12. G

    Help!! Conure seeking out hand to bite

    Hi everyone! My male yellow sided green cheek has been so aggressive lately. He at random decides my hand is evil and will seek it out to attack! I've tried to read the signs as to what might upset him and why he might want to attack my hand at a certain time but it just seems to be random!! He...