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african gray

  1. LeenM

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my african grey parrot

    Hello all Im new to this forums l i hope someone can help I have had my african grey for over a year now he’s been in my family for 7 years and he is living with me now I have noticed that he has has some breathing issue like something stuck in his nostrils and he is making a sound from his...
  2. A

    A strange sound.

    Hello every one and thank you in advance. I have three questions: 1- in one of the videos you can hear a sound he/she is making from her/his nose. i want to know the meaning of is something i should worry about? is it hormonal thing developed toward me because he/she starts doing this sound...
  3. K

    My African grey doesn’t talk

    My AG named Kiku has never spoken one word since we got him 6 years ago. We adopted him from a family who didn’t treat him very well so he used to pluck and can’t fly as a result. For 6 years he only does a few sounds, a clicking when he is nervous, a hoo when he is tired or we put him in the...
  4. H

    Specific and odd plucking pattern for half unsheathed pinfeathers

    Hi. My magnificent and otherwise happy CAG Alexander began plucking at age 20. I read through a lot of possibilities and some bathroom work/renovation meant he was no longer on the shower rail to (perhaps?) have the steam soften feathers with the family. We went back to that and tried misting...
  5. P

    African Grey' When to introduce nest

    I have almost 2 years old African Grey. What you guys think I should introduce nest box as they are chewing almost all the woods and perches,feeding each others. Regards,
  6. S

    Can I blend veggies with a little bit of water for my sick African grey?

    I’ll blend it with a little bit of water till it’s smooth because my parrot is very weak and sick and it’s the best chance to get him to take his meds and eat
  7. S


    So I went to the vet yesterday and they gave me a pill -I believe it’s name is carnitrix- they told me to either feed him it directly or crush it and put it with the food. My first question is that the food I’ll feed him is going to be moist as he has to be hand fed because he’s weak? Second...
  8. S

    My African grey is less energetic

    Its the winter where I live and my African grey is less energetic she sleeps more she doesn’t talk. I cover her cage Put her in a blanket I want to know if it’s normal behavior for an African grey to do that. Thx
  9. saganismyhero

    I’ve waited years for this, I finally have an African Grey! And boy is he mean

    The subject says it all, but also, I’m still so excited and thrilled. It’s funny how when you anticipate and research something long enough it really does make things easier. I brought Sagan home yesterday, he’s a 3? year old. I got him from someone who really neglected him and had him in a...
  10. SamBeben

    Struggling with Congo Grey

    Hi all! We have a 12 year old African grey, she is female and only likes men. She loves my husband but she bites him hard at times while he is petting her or even if he is not petting her. It's mainly when he is putting her back on her cage. Is this a trust thing? Secondly, she was raised...
  11. A

    African Grey and Amazon Rescue

    HI We are lucky enough to have two rescue birds that are absolutely fantastic. When they arrived they were frightened and scared. We wee told we would never be able to handle them. Forward seven years and they are both adorable characters and a bonus to the house. The are clipped but have...
  12. T

    Looking for advice african grey

    Hello .I'm urgently seeking advice. I moved into a bigger house and now My 17 year old african grey has started plucking his feathers around his neck and chest(never pluckted in the past ).I'm not sure if his stressed out our is it due to sumthing els can the moving have a effect on him ?iets...
  13. F

    African Grey and sever anxiety/anger

    Hello, iv got a 4 year old African grey parrot who suffers from anxiety(which is what the vet said) as a result of this he hasnt been out of his cage in about 2 years. I have tried many times to get him out but he comes no where near the door and I don't want to force him incase I hurt him...
  14. K

    African Gray and newly acquired dog - suggestions for getting aquatinted

    Greetings, new to the forum and looking for information and suggestions to get my 20 yr. old gray to get acquainted with our newly acquired 4 year old Samoyed. We have had 2 “Sammy’s” that had no issues with be around the bird as we raised them from puppies. Our dog which was raised from a...
  15. SamBeben

    New IRN, possibly

    Hi all! My fiance and I are going to visit a rescue and two birds in particular have stuck out to me: an IRN and a special needs cockatiel. We already have a GCC and an African Grey. I've never owned a bird like an IRN so does anyone have any advice on meeting this bird or owning this bird...
  16. T

    New Member doing my research

    Hello everyone! I am a new member from NC. I strongly believe in doing your research before bring home a new family member. I work from home and my 14 year old son is home schooled, so someone usually home. We have one senior rescue mix breed dog, 4 year old Boston Terrier, and a 3 year old...
  17. J

    African Grey Congo female

    Rehoming my super friendly AGC. She is very friendly and loves everyone. Does not have a preference. Does not bite. She has a great sound vocabulary and a pretty good vocabulary. She likes to whistle and loves to cuddle. She likes to be held upside down in my hand. She loves her neck and...
  18. 5

    African Grey is making my mother get plastic surgery after attack.

    I've had my bird for about 3 years and she is now 15. This morning she walked to my mother room and bit her in the lip while she was sleeping. My mother drew blood and is now needing plasitc surgery on her lip. I'm thinking of getting rid of her, this is not ok behavior. What should I do??
  19. O

    Help! Looking to get an African Grey

    Hi! I am looking to get an African Grey Congo baby/young for myself. Looking to find a reputable person/breeder to obtain my bird without paying a ridiculous price. I feel like most of the listings and responses I have seen or gotten are scams. Any info/help will be much appreciated I am...
  20. D


    I just bought a cage fo my green cheeck but I dont know if I made the right decision. Is this cage too big for them! Can they hurt in a cage that might not be adequate for small birds? Thank you