alexander parakeet

  1. PauliDeAlex

    Are u male or female?

    Hey! We are from Sri lanka, my parrot seems to be a alexandarine parrot, i found it in my back yard screaming on the ground.... I tried waiting for its parents but they werent to be seen... Sad story but yeah.... I have made a post before regarding its poop change but its alright now, the red...
  2. ATBirds

    New Member From Pakistan

    Hi i am Rana Faran from Pakistan and i have one pair of Alexandrine parakeet (raa parrot) Birds.
  3. A

    Alexandrine behavior

    Hello everyone im new to this forum i have a question regarding my alexandrine He/she is 5 months old weaned and stopped making the baby cooing noises since it was 3 months old. These pst few days he/she has being doing them all the time. I really want to know why because the past two months...
  4. chiconacho

    hello~ my first time posting

    I have lovely 13 parrot. 8 Conures , 3 eclectus , 2 alexander parrot In Korea, there are few sites that share expertise and expertise in parrots, so I signed up. Although my English is short, I want to share various information.
  5. C

    Unsure about eggs?

    Hi all, Needing advice on something - I have a pair of alexandrine parrots and around mid September, my female had laid 5 eggs and has been sitting on them since. I thought it was odd that after 1 month, the eggs haven't hatched especially since the incubation period is generally 26 days so I...
  6. zoebeanzz

    Baby behavior?

    Hello all! This is my first post on here. I bought my alexandrine at around 8 months old. he is now 12-13 months. While calm on my shoulder and hands, when I go to have him step up he usually flaps his wings and looks startled (even with a very slow approach). He does step up, but sometimes he...
  7. M

    Black flakes fell of from parakeet while scratching

    These black flakes type of thing fell from his body while he was preening are these mites?
  8. P

    9-months old ringneck

    Hello, I have ringneck parrot for 4 months now. I am spending as much time as I can with him/her. I bought him from man who had these parrots in outside cage. First he was scared but now, if i put my hand into his cage he is trying to fast bite my hand. If I am near his cage and talking, he...
  9. C

    Is my bird sick or is he mimicking me?

    My alexandrine worries me. I read some posts on this forum about birds mimicking their owners sneezes and other sounds, but I'm still not sure what to make of this. Sometimes (not regularly, he can go weeks without doing this) he'll make this snorting sound. He sometimes even lifts his head up...
  10. L

    New member; need help

    Hi, I joined this forum today. I had 3 birds 1. Teil 1 alexnder and 1 plum head, they were completely fine yesterday and were playful, I don't know what happened but they suddenly started collapsing without any secretion from their beak aur nose or anywhere else. They just collapsed and stopped...
  11. W


    i have this pair of alexandrine parrakeet. the pair is sitting on fertile eggs at the moment but the problem im facing is that their poop contains undigested seeds its of greenish color, sometimes black and some of it is even gray i give them seed mix, friuts, boiled eggs and bread. PLEASE HELP...
  12. A

    My new alexander trying to speak?

    Hi. I bought an Alexander (named Raju) one month ago. Pet breeder told me his age is 8 months when I bought it. So now it's almost 9 months old. (although I have no proof about the actual age, nor I know how can I determine) I have no prior experience dealing with parrots. For last some...
  13. babybirdie


    Hey guys So echo will be two years old in march. He has yet to show a black ring but he has been DNA'd. I don't care if echo is a he/she ( will always be my baby<3) but the breeder did charge me extra for a male. any advice on what i should do ? :green2: