attacking behavior

  1. C

    Controller issues

    Hello! I've joined this forum because my boyfriend has a Green-cheeked conure that I've really bonded with. She usually listens to me well enough (not as well as her dad, but I expect that as a step-mom lol), and I've helped her trust hands a little more than my boyfriend had before I came...
  2. Nelsonj328

    Need advice on my Hahns macaw

    Hi. I have a 12 yr old Hahns macaw that I have had almost 2 yrs. He has been doing wonderful till a few months ago. He started attacking me for now reason. He will literally fly at me and attack. I am the one who feeds him and cleans his cage. I talk to him every day. I am his main care giver...
  3. L

    What to do for fly by attacks

    We got a couple Cockatoos a few months ago. When we first got them they were great with both my husband and myself. About a week or so after Chevy, the female decided she hates my husband. He has not done anything to her, she would lay with him and let him scratch her head before. Now if he...
  4. J

    bird all of a sudden attacking me please help

    I have a 4 year old cinnamon green cheek conure. She's super loveable and I never had a problem handling her. I recently had to work crazy hours the past week and a half and I was only able to take her out of her cage 2 days for a couple hours. Now that my schedule is back to normal I went to...