baby parakeet

  1. H

    Male has died! 3 week old babies only have mom what do I do?!

    💔😢I need advice: Our pair had their first clutch. Babies are a few days older than 3 weeks old. However dad died unexpectedly this morning, we are heartbroken. Will the hen feed the babies still? She isn’t sitting with them as much is that normal for this age? I’ve seen her go in and immediately...
  2. U

    New Member! Baby Parakeet Advice ?

    Hi, I’m a bit of a new bird owner, I only got my parakeet six months ago, Her name is Adaline and she isnt yet 1, I’m not sure how old she is exactly but she was very young when I got her. I’m getting a bit concerned about her recent behavior because she has always been very friendly and open to...
  3. R

    My Alexandrines have laid eggs, how should I prepare?

    Hi so I've had my Alex for a few years now and last year we decided to get her a male. This is the first time she's laid eggs since we've gotten her. When they hatch I'd like to hand raise them, are there any good websites for advice? Also what will I need to buy to prepare for them? Thanks :)
  4. I

    Indian RIngneck 2-4 months old

    hi please help how tame and what should i feed to my new ringneck? he has been 2 days old with me now.. he is quite, when i try to gave of some mixed parrot foods (seeds).. i think he didnt like it or even touch.. :31: :yellow2: :green2:
  5. sana13


    hi Can anyone pls tell me the exact age of my bird??