1. N

    My first cockatiel.

    Hello, I come here for guidance and advice. I am getting a cockatiel in less than two weeks. I’ve done research everyday and have prepared everything from the cage to the food to bird-proofing my house. I have just a few questions regarding the tiel I am buying, but first some information...
  2. S

    New nanday sick?

    Hello, I am new to the forums and new to the parrot owning world. We just got a nanday conure two days ago. She is almost four months old. I call it a she but I dont actually know. She was acting fine, or at least as far as I could tell, but yesterday she started being fluffed up all the time...
  3. B

    Female baby caique (can she be raised alone?)

    Hi! I recently got a baby caique of 5 months old. She is lovely, and we do many things together. From bike rides with her lash, to playing during the weekend with anything we find. She has flew away around 7 times and has always come back when I call her. We get allow really well. I live in...
  4. MissAnnamarie

    Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

    Was planning on getting a male Eclectus last year around December, it ended up being a scam and we lost 900$.. I should have been more attentive. Finally decided to get one once again, from a REPUTABLE breeder, they've been wonderful! He's really young right now and will be ready around...
  5. Jayson_Black

    Advice on the Best Formula available in Australia

    Hello All. We have a pair of Eclectus. They are not doing so well in the parenting department. In fact, they're doing a terrible job. While the mum is able to hatch the eggs, she is not doing so well in the rearing department. She hatched a chick last week and we could hear the hatchling. My...
  6. Ned444

    I need help from those with Conure experience

    I need help from those with experience. A bit of background. I have my female Conure “Kiwi” who is almost 5, have had here since she was a baby. We rescued our male “Buddy” at about a year old, we have had him a 1 1/2yrs. Kiwi and buddy hated each for the almost the 1st year than feel in love...
  7. xopaula

    Problems with my 6 month old Alexandrine

    Hello, I have now had Coco, my alex for about 1 month and a half, she was parent raised and when I first got her from the breeder for the first day I have kept her in her new cage so she could get used to her surroundings better (she is kept in my room). On the second day I opened the cage so...
  8. PenClem

    Friend ISO GW Macaw in TX

    A friend of mine has just started researching GW Macaws and will begin her search for a reputable, responsible breeder at some point next year within theg state of Texas. Any recommendations?
  9. texsize

    Help with baby raven

    I don't know where to start. I expected this to happen but I am not prepared and I don't know what to do. The/A baby raven left the nest today and ended up in my backyard. A backyard filled with feral cats.:17::17: The parents protected the baby (I would say younger than a fledgling but not a...
  10. B

    my bird wont eat his formula? please help

    so i just got a pinapple greencheek conure yesterday at a bird expo and hes 2 and a half months old but hasnt been weaned yet. the lady told me he eats formula once a day and showed me how to do it. i tried doing it two times today but he would not open his beak to take in the formula i dont...
  11. Tiki


    This is my baby Tiki
  12. P

    Here's to new friends and much needed advice :)

    Hello. My name is Peggy Vucenik, and my husband and I have decided to open our home and hearts to a feathered child :) I am 42 and have never had children, but I have always wanted an African Grey so we decided to fill our need to nurture by purchasing one. I came to this forum in hopes to be...
  13. X

    Friki lovebird

    EL POLLO DE VELOCIDAD ULTRASONICA - YouTube Presentación de mis Agapornis papilleros/ Lovebirds 1 - YouTube
  14. M

    Need Advice - New Human Baby + Asthma Issues

    Hello all! My husband and I have had an African Grey named Marley for 5 years but he is about 20. He's an incredible bird. Loves to chat. He came from a home that had teenage boys so he has a wide variety of burps . Recently, we are facing three problems. One being that my husband has always...
  15. Zack

    I have had a Budgie for almost a year now but she still isn't tame can someone help?

    As the title suggests I have had a Budgie for almost a year and she still hates me. What do I do? :( She LOVES my other bird Clyde, he is a cockatiel. My Budgie will only get on me when Clyde is on me! When clyde leaves she follows. Please Help!
  16. D

    Just picked up a 5 week old sun conure

    Hey guys I’ve just picked up a 5 week old sun conure from a trusted breeder. I’ve owned conures in the last, green cheek, and another sun. Both I’ve got as babies and handfed myself. Sadly both I had to give away because I was still living in an apartment and didn’t have the dedicated time as I...
  17. Soyajam

    Training Babies - Motivation + Rewarding

    Hi guys! So Remi my 3.5 month Eclectus has been home now for almost 3 weeks. It's clear she is beginning to settle and relax, with lots of calm and contented behaviour. I am interested in getting her used to the idea of training, even if it's just "clicker charging". At the moment though...
  18. Jemano

    Questions about my 8 week old baby macaw

    Hi everyone! I am new to this thread and usually trying to find answers looking through old threads, and i finally figured out how to ask questions on here lol. I recently bought a 7 week old catalina baby macaw :red1: and love him. I have had him for one week now and have been hand feeding him...
  19. Cthebird

    New to "bigger" parrot ownership

    After 15 years of loving a "mighty big" little Pacific Parrotlet, my husband and I have adopted a "mighty bigger" Hahn's macaw. I have to say that he's definitely a different animal, for sure. We've bonded with him quickly since adopting him on Labor Day weekend. He's now about 5.5 months old...
  20. Epsilon


    This is my love bird, he is 4 months and we are best buds