1. K

    Any Budgie Breeders?

    Are there any budgie breeders in california? I really want a hand fed baby budgie and I had budgies before so I am experienced!:greenyellow:
  2. M

    Congo african grey

    I need help, I have been looking and looking for any tame non abused CAG to adopt. I would love to have a baby, I really don't even care. I am married and have been married for 21 yrs. I am a mom with 4 kids, 2 in college and 2 in high school. No one has time for me anymore, so now I want to...
  3. 1

    How can you bond/train your first parakeet?

    Hello everyone, I got my first parakeet on July 4th but my parakeet is still afraid of me and I'm kind of afraid of my parakeet too. I really really want to bond and train my parakeet but it's really hard for me to that. Is there anything I can do? I also had an incident one time when I put...
  4. P

    First time feeding Galah cockatoo.

    We got our first cockatoo who is just 3 weeks old today and tried feeding baby bird formula for the first time. At one point he turned his head and some of the feed got spread over his eye. I wiped it immediately but he started making a fist with his toes. After a couple of minutes he went back...
  5. PockyMommy

    New baby! please help!

    Hi everyone, recently purchased an adorable baby cag ,Sora, from a breeder that I often purchased my gccs from. We were told Sora hatched 3-3-15. When we first got him he was eating some sprouts just fine but a friend at my usual bird shop told me that he was still too young and needed...
  6. LoveMyConlan

    Picking a baby?

    So my mother informed me today she reserved a sun conure little one for me. A local family owned shop has 3 babies that are being hand fed by them, they have been hand raising birds for years, in hopes that I can start an early bond with it, then hopefully, after DNA sex test, possibly become...
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  8. S

    how can i get my gc conure to like me?

    so I kind of don't want to screw this up. I bought him yesterday, and he had a tough trip on the way home. Pretty much a 1.5 hour bus ride in a tiny box, because I've never been there and I had no idea it was going to take so long. Although he seems unusually quiet (I've yet to hear him make...
  9. K

    New GCC Mommy!

    I put a deposit on a baby pineapple GCC at a local pet store before he was even a month old and have visited him every day since! His name is Kiva and he is a brat, but he is my brat <3. I am so excited for him to be weaned soon so that I can play with my little feathered nugget all day long...
  10. Lullx

    I'm bringing home a baby this summer. Help me plan?

    For several months now, I've been seriously contemplating which species of parrot to get as my final flock member (I have a flock of 6 small birds currently). After much deliberation, I've decided that an African Grey is the perfect fit for my flock and my lifestyle. I've looked into rescuing an...
  11. R

    My future baby bird has hatched

    So I previously mentioned I had a baby girl kakariki on reserve from the breeder but the last group of babies didn't work out for me due to time constraints. But so it looks like this will be the bunch that I will, more likely than not, be getting a new baby from once weaned. The chicks are only...
  12. L

    feeding question

    Hello, a breeder recently sold me a 5 almost 6 week now old quaker baby, yes it is unweaned and yes i do realize this was a dumb dumb part on the breeder, but no worries i have experience. My question is... I am trying to slowly start weaning my baby after feeding it formula for a...
  13. R

    why is my baby love bird like a zombie

    Hi, please can someone help me, I have a baby lovebird thats supposed to be abt 5weeks old. I've had it for 3 days now but its like a zombie. Its just frozen, if I place it somewhere just stays there frozen doesn't even blink. Is it just afraid or is it sick. Even when I leave it in its box for...
  14. EVbaby

    Name that lovebird!

    What kind of lovebird is this? Hello fellow lovebird owners! I have a new baby lovebird named Jax who is 7 weeks. When we got him, it just said blue peach face lovebird, but can anyone please identify my lovie and give me a specific name as to WHAT KIND of lovebird he is? I attached a photo of...
  15. veimar

    I know I shouldn't have, but...

    … but I saw this young women with 4 kids posting on CL over and over about an IRN baby she couldn't tame and didn't have time for. First I didn't pay attention since IRN wasn't anything I was looking for, but seeing this frantic ad for the fourth time I picked up the phone and called her… She...
  16. WannaBeAParrot

    Baby Blue Crowned-Conure might be adopted Saturday. Questions.

    So excited. A local Wildlife Rescue has a very young conure that needs to be adopted. It's been nearly 2 months since my beloved Pritti passed over. I still miss him everyday. A Blue-Crowned conure might be coming home with me in two days. not sure yet, but I think he is about 4 or 5...
  17. B

    New Baby!

    I just got a new parrot, Baby the male Eclectus parrot. He was given to me by a couple who just didn't have time for him anymore. He is 5 years old, and loves to laugh and hoot like an owl. He is my first parrot. Unfortunately I am allergic to other parrots (Especially cockatoos, they send me...
  18. T

    Help me name my Pi! :)

    Hi everyone, I finally got my baby and boy is she a sweetie! I find out the results of the dna on tuesday so I need both boy and girl names. I do like anything that has to do with nature, outter space, meditation/charkas.. etc. Ive got Stella, Nova, Vega, and Pluto so far.Thanks guys :)
  19. Baby Kito And Ruby

    Baby Kito And Ruby

    My baby boy named Kito and girl Ruby
  20. Echo


    Echo, the baby prince of the house !