1. T

    Which Behavior to Encourage as Babies

    Hello, I've recently entered the process of getting a baby male Eclectus. The situation is that the store where I'm getting him from hatches the babies and takes care of them for several months before they can be taken home. I'm in that phase now, my Eclectus turned 2 months old last week. I...
  2. Bobbystick

    New green cheek conure owner (soon to be) - need advices

    Hello everyone, I am currently waiting on a Green cheek conure. He/she is now 1 month old and I'm seeking advice on my initial set-up, or anything else that I need to know. I'll welcome it home in about 2 months. There were green cheeks conures at a pet shop near my place, they didn't offer...
  3. 8-16 Tiny.JPG

    8-16 Tiny.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  4. 8-16 Three.JPG

    8-16 Three.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  5. 8-16 Riker.JPG

    8-16 Riker.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  6. 8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    8-16 Patchouli.JPG

    Budgie Baby
  7. N

    Banging cheeks against the bars

    Hi. First time posting from a first time parrot owner. We recently got a baby Blue & Gold Macaw (roughly 5 months old). She is eating solid food and was hand-fed by a very experienced exotic bird store. She is very friendly and loves people. We have her out of her cage for about 1-2 hours a...
  8. P

    Baby Parrotss shivering and feet are cold

    3 days ago we got 2 baby Ringneck Parrots. They are very active. But 1 day after getting them I noticed that their feet be cold and their body would start shivering when I am around. At first I thought they were scared but when i am around they will jump out of there box to come on my hand and...
  9. lisazartsi

    Baby Cuddles

    Piña (our pineapple GCC) is now about 14 weeks old and her personality is really coming out. She loves being the center of attention. She plays very well in her cage with her toys and does this adorable cheep when she finds one of the little treats I've hidden in her foraging toys. We have her...
  10. M

    Separating baby budgies?

    Hi, 10 days ago, two baby budgies hatched in my cage. They are doing well. However, the last egg just hatched today. The 10-day old baby budgies are quite large now and the newborn budgie is very small. I am scared the newborn baby will be neglected by the mother or injured by their older...
  11. J

    Do I need to forcefeed young parrot?

    Hi everyone, I have a new baby Senegal (close to day 3 at her new home now). I've named her Olive. The shop owner says she is a little over 2 months old and needs to be fed formula 2 times a day (but only as a supplement), because she has started to eat small pellets herself as well. I'm...
  12. I

    6 week old Lovebird - need urgent help

    Two days ago, I got a lovebird that the owner says is 6 weeks old. He said that it was off the formula, and gave me a bag of Zupreem pellets to feed it (image attached). The bird eats very well, and is learning how to use the bottle but we have a small dish of water as well. However, it seems to...
  13. N

    Hand feeding a baby cockatiel?

    Hi all! My last post I had some questions about my soon to be cockatiel baby. However, the owner and I have talked, and they offered to rehome him to me now. I’d like to have him soon because on the 20th I have three weeks off of my schooling and do not have to do anything school related. (I...
  14. N

    My first cockatiel.

    Hello, I come here for guidance and advice. I am getting a cockatiel in less than two weeks. I’ve done research everyday and have prepared everything from the cage to the food to bird-proofing my house. I have just a few questions regarding the tiel I am buying, but first some information...
  15. S

    New nanday sick?

    Hello, I am new to the forums and new to the parrot owning world. We just got a nanday conure two days ago. She is almost four months old. I call it a she but I dont actually know. She was acting fine, or at least as far as I could tell, but yesterday she started being fluffed up all the time...
  16. B

    Female baby caique (can she be raised alone?)

    Hi! I recently got a baby caique of 5 months old. She is lovely, and we do many things together. From bike rides with her lash, to playing during the weekend with anything we find. She has flew away around 7 times and has always come back when I call her. We get allow really well. I live in...
  17. MissAnnamarie

    Nervous to bring home new baby! Tips?

    Was planning on getting a male Eclectus last year around December, it ended up being a scam and we lost 900$.. I should have been more attentive. Finally decided to get one once again, from a REPUTABLE breeder, they've been wonderful! He's really young right now and will be ready around...
  18. Jayson_Black

    Advice on the Best Formula available in Australia

    Hello All. We have a pair of Eclectus. They are not doing so well in the parenting department. In fact, they're doing a terrible job. While the mum is able to hatch the eggs, she is not doing so well in the rearing department. She hatched a chick last week and we could hear the hatchling. My...
  19. Ned444

    I need help from those with Conure experience

    I need help from those with experience. A bit of background. I have my female Conure “Kiwi” who is almost 5, have had here since she was a baby. We rescued our male “Buddy” at about a year old, we have had him a 1 1/2yrs. Kiwi and buddy hated each for the almost the 1st year than feel in love...
  20. xopaula

    Problems with my 6 month old Alexandrine

    Hello, I have now had Coco, my alex for about 1 month and a half, she was parent raised and when I first got her from the breeder for the first day I have kept her in her new cage so she could get used to her surroundings better (she is kept in my room). On the second day I opened the cage so...