1. Doves1

    Random Update

    Hey everyone! So I haven't given an update in awhile and I figured it was about time. For those of you who don't know, I rescued a 3 month old Scarlet Macaw, who I named Phoenix. He wasn't being taken care of properly and was starving when I got him. He's become my best friend and my baby. So...
  2. M

    Baby Conure Bobbing Head?

    Well, he isn't really a baby. He was hatched September 23, 2012. He is a green cheek conure and sun conure hybrid( I know it's unusual but it was a mistake by the breeder). He bobs his head ALL THE TIME! Alot of the time it is while he is eating, playing or while im holding him. Any ideas? Here...
  3. CharlieSheen

    Kiwi the Lovebird

    As a few of you (Although since I posted about another bird type before, you most likely won't be in this forum) might know, I've been looking for Conures. So I went to the Local Avian Store, Golden Cockatoo. There I found that Conures weren't the right bird for me. Luckily for me, two employees...
  4. D

    New Nippy Pearly?

    So I just recently got a baby Pearly Conure. She is the cutest thing but has a nasty bite! She makes me bleed about almost every other time she nips. Is this normal for new pyrrhura babies that come home? do they stay this nippy for awhile? And what can I do to help stop it? What is the best...
  5. Z

    Why the lips?

    I have a male eclectus baby who is just a year old. He is SO energetic. he flies everywhere, and loves to talk. I'm not use to this since I have two other eclectus parrots (both male and female) who barely talk at all and are laid back. Now my baby one will not be quiet, and he's starting to...
  6. M

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone! I am 13 years old and my mom suggested I join this forum. I just purchased a baby green cheek conure/sun conure hybrid named Mr. Pickles:) I can't take him home until Christmas when he is fully weaned and feathered! So excited! :green2: Does that look like a sun conure/green cheek? Haha
  7. R

    Lazy baby or Sick Baby??? =_=

    i have recently perched my 11 weeks old male eclectus and it doesnt seem like his posture is right. His not groping onto the perch tight, seems like his feet are straight sometimes. I never realised it untill recently, he doesnt seem very active and his wings looks floppy. His feet doesnt seem...
  8. J

    Adopting new ringneck?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and the bird world. I've had my current Indian Ringneck since November, 2011. I believe he is a girl, although I was told when I purchased him that he was a male. Being a softie when it comes to animals, I bought a completely untame, 6 month old ringneck. In...
  9. A


    hi, im on the waiting list to get a baby Eclectus hen and I'm so excited but i've been told off a few people not to get one because they can be very aggressive and that if i have males in my house ie: my dad and brother that she will bond with them over me. Is any of that true? I have a lot of...
  10. L

    What would these two parents produce color wise?

    The babies are already 3 weeks old and I'm handfeeding them, the oldest has green feather tips and black feather tips towards the end of the wings. The baby itself is a dark gray color and the fuzzy feathers are whitish. The beak has a black top towards the nose and the end is orange. The...
  11. SweetiePy

    Py and I Say HI!

    Hi there. :3 I am new to the world and love of birds and am starting my feathered adventures with a sweet, full-of-attitude three month sun conure named Pyros. I got Pyros when he was only a month old and will soon get to bring him home from the breeder. So far he loves it when he cover his...
  12. happycat

    Please vote for my hamsters on a cutest pet contest!

    This is pretty random since this is a parrot forum XD But can you guys please vote for my hamster babies on a pet picture contest? Vote - Cutest Pet Contest Thanks :yellow1:
  13. sana13

    help ! :(

    Hi I brought home an alexandrine parakeet baby. Its about 6-7 weeks old now. He was perfectly fine in the start but he's been lying around and acting really lazy since last week. He has a runny nose too. I consulted a vet and he gave me a 5 day medicine. Can anyone please tell me if this is...
  14. A

    Baby GCC behaviour?

    I just got my first green cheek 4 days ago and he is about 8 weeks old. He is very cuddly and attached to me already, he comes out of his cage and runs up to my shoulder and cuddles into my neck. He's eating normally and his droppings look fine, etc. But he does this little wing-twitch thing...
  15. O

    New Severe Macaw Owner

    Hi all, My 9 month old Severe, Ollie does a few strange things.. I haven't owned a bird before so I wanted to check in and see if these things are normal. Ollie eats and drinks just fine, still trying to transition to pellets but eats oatmeal, fruits, veggies, nuts etc. I have noticed that only...
  16. L

    New Member, Lucas.

    I'm new to bird ownership and it has been quite challenging. Four weeks ago I adopted a 4-week old scarlet macaw. So far, it is doing great, but I am somewhat sleep deprived. After I got it, we went to the avian vet, and everything seemed fine. A local breeder who has been very helpful with my...
  17. T

    Second addition to our ringneck family

    Hi, my name is Katrina. Today my partner and adopted a 7 week old baby blue/pastel violet male indian ringneck from a breeder. We already have a 12 month old violet male indian ringneck who is getting cheekier and sweeter every day. Our violet is named 'Link' after the character from the...
  18. Eva&Walle

    Babies?! Some questions. (:

    My two lovebirds just hatched there first egg. First off i was wondering what the chances of the colors will be with My male(Walle) being a black masked, and my female(Eva) a Peach Faced?? Also how do i tell if the babies are being fed? The baby has been squirming around. looks really good. The...